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Out of Fashion, Part 1 of 2



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Welcome to Part 1 of our drama entitled “Out of Fashion,” written and performed by our Aulacese (Vietnamese) Association members. This is a story about Tuấn, a Quan Yin practitioner, and his parents whose struggle to understand their son’s lifestyle choices finally led them to their own realization of what is truly good for them. “ I hope my vegan cooking skill is not so bad.” “It’s better than meat, anyway. Meat causes suffering to animals.” “Meat dishes are so delicious, yet they don’t eat it. And they even dare say I am ‘out of fashion.’” “Well, actually, everyone is switching to a vegan diet nowadays, it’s only us...”

“Now, you’ve got to tell me truthfully. What is Tuấn doing, staying in his room all the time?” “Well, I saw him sitting crossed-legged.” “Tuấn must have been possessed or something!” “Should we ask a shaman to help?” “Where do we find a shaman?” “I am a shaman from the Himalayas, specializing in shooing ghosts. Big ghost, small ghost, fat ghost, skinny ghost, I kicked them all out!” “Spirits of Heaven and Earth, be summoned! Very strange!” “What’s wrong, sir?” “No ghosts dare to go near Mr. Tuấn. It’s because he is vegan and practices spiritually sincerely.” “Oh God! What to do?” “Simple! Just let him continue to be vegan and practice spiritually!”

“Maybe we can go back to that temple where we prayed for a son, and ask for the Deity’s advice.” “May I ask… why do you, elder, sharpen your knife in the middle of nowhere?” ”To kill a pig.” “This pig is still in a human form now. But due to his bad karma, he will soon die and become a pig.” “This man is Nguyễn Công Thành. He eats sentient beings every day, so he has to reincarnate as an animal to be killed and eaten in return.”

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