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Aulacese (Vietnamese) Savory Vegan Congee (Rice Soup) & Vegan Banana Pudding, Part 2 of 2

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We learned how to make Aulacese (Vietnamese) Savory Congee last Sunday in Part 1 of this show. Now let’s watch how to make Vegan Banana Pudding. “I’m going to show you how to cook the banana pudding. You leave about half of the pan with water and wait until it boils. So we can use this normal, supermarket banana - ripe banana. The other banana we use in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) is harder and shorter. It looks very chubby, chubby. They’re very nice. We can cut it into small pieces, bite size. OK, the water has boiled already. Now we can put in the banana. I’ll teach you a very simple way of cooking. Put the banana in there, and you add coconut milk. Actually, it’s the thick milk from the coconut. Like they glean it from the nut of the coconut. While it’s boiling, you can add in sugar, 100 grams of sugar. 100 grams of sugar should be enough for five bananas and one can of coconut milk. And you put like a pinch of salt in there. So the taste will be sweeter without more sugar added. And a deeper and even nicer taste. Sugar alone is not as nice as when you add a pinch of salt to it. You can also add some cinnamon, if you like cinnamon. About two teaspoons of cinnamon. One tablespoon of cornstarch. Just to thicken the sauce and fold it in there. How thick depends on how you like it. This is the Aulacese (Vietnamese) way of cooking. It simmers for 10 minutes and the banana’s already soft. And you put in some starch or you put in some other kind of substance. Now that is done.”

“See, you can put the soup here. And then you put the herbs – perilla, and coriander. You can put some black sesame on it, on the pudding, and a little roasted sesame. I think whoever got sick will get well quickly with this meal, no? So, this is a complete meal for recovery. Or for daily enjoyment anyway. For any day, when you don’t feel like solid food. This is savory rice congee, complete with (vegan) protein and vegetables of all sorts. And this is a banana pudding, it’s simple to cook and also nutritious. Even if you don’t feel well, you will feel well after this, no? And when you eat this, you put in a handful of soya sprouts. It will be more nutritious. It’s really good! Enjoy and good appétit! Bon appétit!”

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