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We were honored to feature the award-winning French chef Rodolphe Landemaine, who opened the 100% vegan bakery shop, Land & Monkeys, in the heart of Paris in February 2020. Chef Hermé is one of the most celebrated pastry chefs in the world. “Pierre Hermé was here three weeks ago to sample all the products. I was one of his students. He was very curious about my initiative, and asked me if he could come to the bakery for a taste-test. We tried all the pastries, and there wasn't one that he didn't like.”

So, what is Chef Landemaine’s vision for Land & Monkeys? “We really wanted it to be something that brings together as many people as possible. We didn't want it to be divisive. We knew that 80% of the customers around our bakery are not vegan. So, the common denominator that we want them to come together around, was the element of gourmet.” “It was an intellectual challenge. It was also a technical and technological challenge. We worked for 2 - 3 years, with some professionals at my bakery doing just research and development around that.”

One of the biggest hurdles Chef Landemaine had to overcome was the “pâte à choux.” Pâte à choux, or choux pastry, is a dough that is traditionally made with flour, water, butter, and eggs. To create the perfect vegan pâte à choux, Chef Landemaine and his wife set off on a quest to find the perfect egg white substitute. In 2017, they turned to food engineer Anne Cazor, founder of Scinnov R&D and Production Laboratory, for help. The result was Yumgo Blanc. In October 2019, Yumgo won the European Plant-Based Protein Award for start-ups in the food ingredient category. In 2018, the Landemaines joined hands with Anne Vincent, an international management consultant and marketing expert, to form a start-up called Tamago Food Company for the purpose of marketing Yumgo Blanc. In 2020, they followed Yumgo Blanc up with a vegan egg yolk called Yumgo Jaune.

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