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May the Righteous Triumph, Part 5 of 6, Dec. 24, 2020

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I had a vision about something but I cannot tell you. It’s something positive. Many positive, positive! But it’s like a prediction. (Oh. That’s good.) It’s not to tell you now OK?

(Master is there anything further from Your Spiritual Diary that Master might want to share with us.)

I don’t know if I should always read my diary. Diary is supposed to be secret. You’re always digging into my private chamber. Then I have to wear glasses. I have to look for the diary now. (OK, thank You, Master.) You wait there, if there’s something I can tell you, I would. (Thank You, Master.) Otherwise you would tell me that I’m stingy and… (Oh.) (No, Master.) Where’s my diary? Oh dear God. Here it is. All right. My dear diary is almost gone already. Almost one year passed and what have we done. The year passed so fast, the time passed so fast. (Yes.) And our hair greys so fast. Last few days I had time, I steal some time to dye my hair. (You look beautiful, Master.) All by myself. I’m a very low maintenance Master. Do everything myself.

Let me see. I read to you many times before, (Yes, Master.) so, I don’t think, not much left. Oh recently, I don’t have a lot of time to write many things. And other things I cannot tell you yet.

That person will go to jail or at least will be indicted something, all right? But I cannot tell you right now. OK? (Yes, Master.)

I had a vision about something but I cannot tell you. It’s something positive. Many positive, positive! But it’s like a prediction. (Oh. That’s good.) It’s not to tell you now OK?

There are some devils kind of appearing in the sky. People don’t see their shape. But there are some that look like a bubble or something. These are the devils who are trying to destroy earthlings and our Earth. So, “ordered them to be dragged down and more hidden demons to be dragged to hell as well if they not repent. Even if they repent, it’s too late now.” Even some scientists can see them through some instruments. They look like blobs or something like that, (Oh.) almost transparent grey color. If you can see it with the naked eyes, it’s like that. But then they are very ugly and hideous. They are not just like a bubble like that. They are very hideous. You know if you see their real… with your wisdom eyes or something, you see their real image, you will faint. (Wow!) OK. Oh, God.

And here I just wrote about the demon I have just told you before. (Yes.) You know, like their kneeling face almost to the ground because OUP (Original Universe Protector) cannot separate them. So I said, “Clear them out of my sight. I have other work to do. Not obstructing my sight. I forgive them, OK. Whoever, forgive them all. But not kneeling anymore in front of my vision. OK? Take them. Go, go, go.” And that was on the 7th of December. What day is today? 24 December. (24, yes.) OK. Ah, still 24 or almost 25? 25 or 24? (24. 24 still.) OK, good. OK. Many other kinds of predictions, I don’t want to tell.

On the 8th of December, “The bunch of demons and ghosts are still kneeling outside. Why? Why?” I asked the Ihôs Kư. “Why? OUP Protection, why?” And They told me, “Because You tied them all up together, we cannot separate them.” So I just wrote the conversation with Them. “OK. OK. Separate them now, some to Fourth Heaven because they’re repentant and some to hell because they are too bad.” And then later I looked, I still see them there.

I don’t always have to see them. But if I look in some special way, then I can see them. Because they are not like you, they’re not like physical body. They have astral body only. (Yes.) And I don’t have to see things that I don’t want to see. And mostly ghosts and demons like that, they don’t dare to show their real appearance to me. OK? But I just look out somehow; somehow they were crying or something, so I looked out and then I saw them. And so, I asked the Ihôs Kư Protectors around me again, say, “How come? Ah?” “How come the ghosts are still kneeling there?” So, They told me, “Time has not come yet.” I said, “What mean?” I told Them to get rid of them quick.

They said, “Because the Lord of the Fourth Level lacks worth to have them.” And I explained to you already, right? (Yes, Master. Yes, You did. Thank You.) And I said, “OK, then take them to the Third Heaven. OK?” Still cannot. Because not enough worth. And the Second Level even worse. Because these demons are very strong. Very powerful. It’s just like, you can take one bag of 5 kilograms of rice. Yes? But if it’s 100 kilograms, then it’s difficult for you to take. Not to talk about taking the whole lot of them. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, the same. The power of a being is like that. You cannot weigh it. But you will know it if you’re a spiritual person, you know that person has how much power and you cannot deal with it, or you can deal with it. You understand? (Yes.) All right. And also, a being’s karma is also like that. You cannot scale; you cannot weigh it. You cannot put it on the scale to see how many kilograms, but you cannot take care because too much. (Yes, Master.) That’s why the Lord of the Fourth Level cannot deal with it. And the Third Level, the Second Level, They all cannot. Even Astral Level cannot. So, they can only go to hell. I said, “No, cannot. I promised, I forgive them.” So, I have to create a special space for them to stay. You got that? (Yes, Master.) Until later notice.

My God. So much work for me to do. You know how many books you send me every day to take care, to check. How many shows you send to me. Right? (Yes, Master.) Not just one show. Many shows. Like books. I have to read a lot, and take care a lot. So, I have to sacrifice everything, even my sleep, in order to do all this. And to do the inside work. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) That’s why I forgot the demons kneeling outside. They won’t die, they just feel hungry.

If you don’t have this body, you won’t die. But you still feel the suffering, you feel hunger, you feel thirst, you feel anything, but nothing will happen to you. You just suffer the pain of hunger, or thirst, or other things, but you don’t die, or you don’t feel pain, or you don’t faint, or anything like that. You got what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Just like some hungry ghosts, they can be hungry forever but they won’t die.

In hell also, people can be punished. A guilty being, sinful being, can be punished forever, but they won’t die. They just suffer, suffer, again, again, and again, but they cannot die. That is the problem. That is the terrible thing in hell. You just won’t die. In this physical body, even if people torture you, or beat you up, or kill you, you can die. And then you won’t suffer any more. Well, of course, if you don’t go to hell. But in hell, you can never die. Until your karma is done, continue suffering forever, being stabbed, being burned, being grilled, being roasted, being beaten, all kinds of horrible punishment. Those that reported on TV or newspaper about the torturing criminals or suspected war crimes, it pales, pales in comparison. You understand what I mean? (Yes, Master.)

Because for example, if somebody is tortured in this world, if it’s too much pain, he will just pass out. (Yes.) But in hell you cannot pass out. You don’t pass out. You don’t faint. You cannot escape. You just continue to feel the pain forever, the suffering forever. You see? Somebody stabbed you or sawed you in half in hell. You just know it all, but you cannot escape, you cannot faint. You cannot even for one second stop the pain for any reason. Understand? And they don’t give you painkillers. Nothing like that. So, I realized that is too much for the Lord of the Fourth Level, so I said, “Yeah, yeah, it’s too much for Him.” You know, I’m talking with the Protecting Gods and Godses and I wrote it down at the same time.

So… And even then, I said, “OK, so I have to help Him to boost His worth. And in that case, when can they go? When can You take the demons?” So, They said, “In five hours.” I said, “Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I forgot all about that. Make sure it’s fast, faster than that.” They said, “We cannot take them anywhere. How can we be so fast?” I said, “All right, all right. Then I have to make some place for them. A little world for them to stay.” And that’s taken care of now. (Yes.) So, not anymore.

Everything from the Higher World, or from the Ultimate Master, or Ihôs Kư Godses, They’re all positive, positive, positive. But in this world, I have to deal with negative. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

And on the 9th of December, I look out, still one! One ghost still there. I said, “Why is he still there?” They said, “Time not come yet.” I said, “Don’t tell me the same stuff again and again. ‘Time not come…’ Take them now. Why?” Oh. They said, “Because we don’t have enough power yet. We will. We will change the shift. Other shift will come.” Because They spent all Their power dragging these demons already. It’s not that easy. The demons, they are so powerful. (Wow.) These are powerful, they can make havoc in the world, that’s why They cannot do much. Even They have to take them down one by one. And one left, that’s why I ask. They said, “We don’t have enough power left. The next shift will do.”

See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) They always tell me, “Time has not come yet.” And I have to ask Them about details. OK, never mind. I did not write all this, but that’s what it is. So, I say, “Ah! Whatever. Ah, do as You wanted it. Do it Yourself.” I said, “In this world, whatever you want to do best, you do it yourself.” That’s what I said in here. What I mean is that even Ihôs Kư Godses cannot always help me. In this case only. In many other cases also. That is OK then.

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