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A Dazzling Vegan New Year Celebration , Part 2 of 8

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“Now, we’d like to read the greeting card to Master. Most Beloved Master, Day in, day out; Year in, year out All beings anticipate the advent of the Lord At daybreak, beings can be returned to the New Kingdom created by the Hand of the Lord Thou save all beings from the cycle of reincarnation, guiding all souls to this New Realm All Universes celebrate this unprecedented news of all eons. Maya was vanquished, negative force - annihilated, karma - ceased. All the Universes are happy. May the New Golden Age swiftly bring a vegan paradise for all humans and animal co-inhabitants alike. With all our hearts, we wish Master Beauty, Health and Prosperity. We love You.” “We’re so happy today, being able to spend the New Year countdown with Master. We are very fortunate, blissful and thankful. May all of us practice diligently and make use of Master’s fire extinguishing fan to fan away all negative habits in order to receive positivity and blessing. Coming up next is a dance performance that combines kung fu with a fan accompanied by the ‘Nankuan’ music. The title is ‘Celebrating a Good-Harvest Year.’ It’s to celebrate the coming of a new era on Earth.” “Next is a singing and dancing performance brought to us by Indonesian initiates. They’re going to perform ‘Someone Like You’ and ‘Gemu Famire.’ It depicts a man, who once went astray, finds the right person to bring him light, just like we’ve found our Master leading stray souls to liberation from transmigration.” “The past is holding me Keeping life at bay I wander lost in yesterday Wanting to fly But scared to try But if someone like you Found someone like me Then suddenly Nothing would ever be the same! My heart would take wing And I’d feel so alive If someone like you Found me!”
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