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Between Master and Disciples

The True Meaning Of Monkhood, Part 7 of 9, Dec 26, 2019

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If you’re a good spiritual practitioner, there are at least five angels protecting you. Also, Supreme Master TV is a kind of protective power. How would any invisible beings come to harass you? Take care of your body. Sometimes, you may have eaten some wrong food, which contains animal ingredients, or are allergic to it without knowing it, then you’ll feel itchy or something.

If you’re a good spiritual practitioner, there are at least five angels protecting you. Also, Supreme Master TV is a kind of protective power. How would any invisible beings come to harass you? Take care of your body. Sometimes, you may have eaten some wrong food, which contains animal ingredients, or are allergic to it without knowing it, then you’ll feel itchy or something. I sometimes also feel very itchy. Sometimes, there are sores all over my body from scratching. I can’t say that it’s the invisible beings coming to hurt me. I know, sometimes, when I eat tomatoes, I have an allergic reaction. Our body becomes different as we age. Maybe we were not allergic to those when we were young. Or, when our karma comes, eating that may cause an allergy.

However, though I know I’m allergic to tomatoes, I still love eating them. But later, I will have fun scratching. Scratch for a few days, then it’s gone. Just a little scratching, no problem. You have to pay the price. I know it, but I still eat it. Sometimes, I don’t eat it intentionally; they might have put tomato paste on the (vegan) pizza, or in the rice or (vegan) soup. Just for example. I feel itchy after eating it, so I just scratch. I don’t blame invisible beings for causing this. It’s the tomato (vegan) soup.

Our body might become different as we get old, unlike earlier years. We’re stronger when we’re young. What’s that called? Our immunity was stronger. As we age, organs inside us will also become weaker, just like a car. If the car is well maintained, maybe it can be used for a longer time. If it’s not properly maintained, it’d become a lousy car. However, don’t always claim that it’s the invisible beings, whenever there’s any trouble, or say that someone is harming you with magical power.

Why should he harm you? You’re not sure that he’s the culprit. Stop having delusions, or it could become real. It could, if you’re connected to him. You have your Master. Play Supreme Master TV and my lectures, then there’ll be no problem. Harm won’t come to us good people, unless it’s our own karma. Unless we are lousy in spiritual practice, and our level is too low. Then we’ll be taken advantage of by our own subconscious, our negative mind. I am old, I need to rest my back. Sitting up all the time, listening to you is really tiring. To hear you talk about invisible beings, I am also distressed. Any more distresses? Speak.

(The last question, Master.) Speak. (Also about invisible beings.) Distressed again? The same person? (Another one.) Just read it. Read it. (Master, an invisible being transformed into Master’s appearance and told my girlfriend’s mother that she has reached the Fifth Level, and how long she would live, etc. He also told her to stop her daughter from going out with me. I once hated Master for this incident. Now I regret it very much, and I want to repent to Master. Will I go to hell for that? Master, please help me.)

I’m not sure. Wait until you go there. Now you’re still here. Just repent and it’ll be fine. What did you hate me for? Even if it was the real Master instead of the false one, it’s good that She told your girlfriend to break up with you. You’re free. You should be grateful to me. Why should you hate me? Is that right, everyone? (Yes.) Perhaps that girl was not good for you. It doesn’t matter whether that Master is real or not, it’s better to have one less girlfriend, right?

Many men deeply regret marrying their girlfriends. She is only your girlfriend; you’re not married yet. It’s still not too late. You can still be saved, right? In this world, you may have love today, but lose it tomorrow. Even if Master didn’t say anything, she might have left anyway. Or, after some time, you might have lost your passion for her. Just because you want to cling to that tiny bit of desire, you’re angry with me. That’s not right. It doesn’t matter if that Master is real or not. You failed even at an easy test. You’re just friends and not married yet. What if they are married and some Master tells his wife to divorce him, then he won’t forgive me. Having a girlfriend may not be good for you; losing a girlfriend may not be bad for you. Go find another girlfriend. There are so many girls in the world. You see she’s sitting here, so pretty. What are you missing? Losing one girlfriend is no big deal. You see they don’t have girlfriends.

I also have no girlfriend and I still live on. I’m free to take care of myself alone. You don’t know the trouble of having a companion. No matter if it’s a man or a woman by my side, I feel annoyed sometimes. They sometimes do things differently, according to their ego. They don’t tell me why and don’t give me a chance to explain, why I tell them to do it that way. I’ll think they trust me and will do as I tell them, but it turns out that they do it differently. That ruins my schedule or creates unpleasant situations or obstructions. It’s not a big deal to have a girlfriend. Also, no need to be frustrated if you don’t have her; find another one. Maybe a better one. So, did she leave you? No? Is your girlfriend still with you? (Yes.) Then why did you hate me?

 (Because she told me that Master said so. At that time, I was still not clear…) It might not be “me.” (Yes, it’s because I hadn’t found out yet. Later, I understood after I found out the situation. It was not Master who said that.) The false one. (Right, the false one. Because I thought…) How did you know it was the false one? (I asked about the details. For instance, she said it was her mother’s experience. A being said this to her mother. And then that being would tell her something through her mother’s mouth.) Again, distressed by beings and then blame it on me. It’s always like that. (That’s how it went. And then, later…) Then you forgave me. Thank you. (I am sorry, Master. I am really sorry. I misunderstood You.) Lucky that you have only one girlfriend. If you had several more, I’d be dead. (Yes.) Please! It’s OK.

(Another question is, I’m now troubled by this being. There seems to be more than one being with her mother. She is also our fellow initiate.) It has nothing to do with me, right? (I know. What I want to say is, because of this being, I now have difficulties in meditation. I’d like to know if Master can help in this matter.) I don’t know. (It’s not from me. It’s just that when I meditate… I think it’s from her mother. The consciousness of that being would come and bother me, which makes it very difficult for me to meditate. My girlfriend also experienced the same situation. Both of us have difficulties in our practice.)

I can’t interfere with what people do outside. Sometimes, you go and bow to statues in the temples. Sometimes, you go and burn incense in graveyards. Sometimes, you ask for help from deities and ghosts. I cannot control what you do. You just mind your own business. I cannot even control what you do, not to mention other people. I cannot even control if you resent me or not. How would I interfere with other people’s business? Not even my disciples. OK. Tell her to play Master’s Buddhist chanting and see if it works. And ask her to watch Supreme Master TV. Ask both your girlfriend and her mother to watch, OK? (OK, thank You, Master.)

I can’t interfere with other people’s business. I can’t even control my own disciples. Some of them just don’t listen to what I say. Some of them even made trouble, like talking nonsense outside and ruining my reputation, so that I could not come back to Taiwan (Formosa) for quite a few years, etc. I can’t control my own disciples, so how would I control others? I only teach you how to be a good person and practice spiritually. That’s all I can teach you. I can’t control your mind. But it’s also good like this, so you understand that I don’t control you. He is a free individual. He can choose to trust Master or resent Master. Do you see that? It shows that I don’t use any magic power to control you. I could do it, but I won’t and I don’t want to. I don’t want to control you. I want you to be free to choose for yourselves, so that you can grow.

Even if you’re a university professor, you can’t help your child in kindergarten with his exams. He has to learn by himself. You can guide him, but you can’t take the exam for him. If he doesn’t learn according to what you teach him, he won’t pass the exam. And you also can’t take the exam for him. Isn’t it so? (Yes.) We humans have a great soul, inside which there is Buddha or God, and I don’t want to control this Buddha. You’ll have to find your own Buddha. I teach you how to find it. You need to grow up and take care of your own lives. You need to get enlightened and reach Buddhahood by yourselves. I can’t control you and I don’t want to.

If a so-called enlightened master still controls others, then he’s not an enlightened master. What he does is use people’s faith and uses magic power to harm others. You can see that even Buddha did not control others. His cousin harmed Him, but He still let him do it. It’s not that He could not control him, but He didn’t want to. He respects you the same as respecting a Buddha, because you’re future Buddhas. There’s Buddha Nature inside you, which I can’t control. No more questions? Good.

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