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Shining World Hero Award Recipient: Bowza – The Life-saving Dog

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In today’s program, we travel to Hadleigh, an ancient market town in South Suffolk, United Kingdom. In addition to Hadleigh’s historic and architectural interest, the town has another gem, an honored citizen named Bowza, a six-year-old Labrador-Rottweiler and Husky mix. The super canine was hailed as the hero of his hometown after his life-saving action in January 2019. Don was excited to share the story of how Bowza saved an elderly woman’s life. “We come upon these 2 people sitting in the middle of the road, back to back they were. The lady had a big lump on her head, cut on her hand, and she was turning purple and shaking. I’ve done field first aid, and I knew that she was going to go into hypothermia very quickly because she was getting worse and worse. And so we got her to lay down. We couldn't move her very much because she screamed ‘cos her leg hurt. We later on found that she had actually broken her hip and had to have an operation. I didn’t know if Bowza could do it, but I got him lie down next to her, and he put his one leg and his head on her chest. And it took the ambulance three and half hours to get there. When the medics turned up, they did say that if Bowza hadn’t have kept her warm, then it could have been a lot worse.” Deeply touched by his unconditional love and gentleness, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai gratefully presented Bowza with the Shining World Hero Award “plus US$2,000 for vegan snacks, with all love, a big hug, high five and gratitude in Heaven’s benevolence.” “I am really grateful for Master Ching Hai for presenting Bowza with this Award. And I’ve been onto the net, and I’ve been following the station, and been seeing all the good You do around the world, looking after animals, saving animals in distress, and I think it’s an absolutely magnificent job.” “If you are thinking about getting a dog as a pet, think about taking it as a family member.”
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