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The Vegan Wedding Trend: Tying the Knot with Compassion for All Beings, Part 1 of 2

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A wedding is one of the most important, sacred and blissful moments to start a new and happy family in a couple’s life. Therefore, in order to receive blessings for this special occasion, we should avoid slaughtering animals to celebrate the wedding. A vegan wedding not only brings benediction to the bride and groom, but also helps guests find harmony and compassion in their hearts through flavorful, nutritious menus and a peaceful atmosphere. Let’s now go to the wedding banquet at a flashy hall in Taipei, Taiwan (Formosa) of the groom Wu Zhi-Hui and his bride, T. Celestine. This vegan couple has been actively dedicated to protecting animals and the environment for several years. Celestine explains why they chose an eco-friendly vegan wedding: "We chose a vegan diet because of the global warming and animal protection. We hope that we can protect animals, the planet, and our own health. So, we would like to be animal heroes! Our desire is to bring the concept of world peace to friends and family. Hopefully that everyone can adopt the vegan lifestyle and become animal heroes. The main theme of our wedding is Environmental Protection and Zero Waste. Therefore, tissue paper and plastic bags are not provided at our wedding reception venue. Every guest is gifted a handkerchief as our 'wedding favour.' We hope everybody will try to reduce the use of tissue paper in their daily life. Another wedding souvenir is a coupon that you can use when eating at any vegan restaurants in Taiwan. Because plastic bags are not provided, we are offering you with a food bag like this. You may use the food bag to take home leftovers. This food bag is reusable. Take it home and reuse it. Hopefully, through this wedding banquet, we can introduce to our guests more ways to protect the earth. And you can apply them in your daily life."
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