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Farmhouse Garden Animal Home: From Slaughter to Sanctuary, Part 3 of 3

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When Edith and Mike first changed from operating a beef operation to running an animal sanctuary, they knew they would face many challenges. But they also knew deep in their hearts that it was the right thing to do. "I think for him (Mike), once he made the decision that he didn’t want to slaughter the animals anymore, it was just, 'That’s it.' He couldn’t do it anymore. We knew we were going to face some backlash, and we knew it was going to be difficult. But you just have to push through it because you know it’s the right thing to do. Yeah, he (Mike) definitely is really brave and compassionate. For me, ethically I know and spiritually that it’s the right thing to do. You feel more in line with your values in terms of the way that you live. I can’t imagine sitting down for dinner and having an animal on my plate. It just feels so wrong to me now. And I think once you make that connection, it’s hard to continue living an ethically and spiritually fulfilled life while you’re also eating animals." Many people are deeply grateful to Mike and Edith for sparing the lives of the innocent cows, and for founding an animal sanctuary where they can live. In fact, as soon as the sanctuary was created, volunteers offered to help. The story behind Farmhouse Garden Animal Home has touched the hearts of many, including non-vegans. And the sanctuary has received considerable media coverage. "It feels amazing to look at the animals and know that they’re safe and they’ll always be cared for. It’s such a fulfilling feeling knowing that I was a part of something that I think has inspired a lot of people and has helped so many animals. So I’m really happy with how far we’ve come and I’m proud of all the work that we’ve done. It’s a good feeling." Mike, Edith, and all the others involved with Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, we applaud your courage and determination to do what you feel is right. May you be blessed with good health, long lives and continued success.
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