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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Intensive Meditation is Safeguarding the World, Part 2 of 5, Nov. 29, 2020

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I don’t know how else to warn humans. I can only meditate and pray. I hope one day we will return to our own benevolent nature inherent within all humans and all beings so that we don’t ever know the word suffering, let alone suffer ourselves. May God bless us all. Amen.

(Master we just wanted to share about an artist. His name is Ricardo Colon who said online, “I saw a huge canopy of angels over the White House.”) Yes. (And he immediately went home and began to pray again for the president. He says, “I saw these four huge angels hovering over our President Trump.”) This is just on the Internet, right? (Yes.) Wow. Bless him, bless him, bless him.

And I’m telling you one secret. President Trump has angels and Vice President Pence also has an angel. (Wow.) This is a good team, good work. President Trump’s team are clean and good, OK? (Yes, Master.) And you know what we have talked about lately or some message that we gave, it does have effect. Today I saw a journalist wrote very defensively for President Trump. (Yes.) (Oh.) And Jon Voight voiced again. (Oh.) (Wow.) He said President Trump is the only one who can save America… (Wow.) who can save our nation now. Before he didn’t say “the only one.”

He is good. I really pray that he sits there another four years. (Yes, Master.) Because the other party might undo everything that President Trump has done. (Yes.) And four more years later, to begin again is hard. (Yes, Master.) If he can even win or he can begin again. (Yes, Master.) So scary this world and this… oh my God. That’s why ever since President Trump is in office, they pound on him non-stop, they never let him have a break or to organize state affairs and things like that. They continue to beat him up. (Yes, Master.) It is a lot of protection for him, otherwise he would have been doomed, (Oh.) like broken down or any other thing could happen to him, that he could not even do any state affairs well. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, on November 3rd, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj had a video on YouTube saying that President Trump is God’s chosen candidate. He also mentioned the angels around President Trump and that he needs to be re-elected to fulfill the covenant he made with God.) Yeah! Wow! Who is this sadhu? Is he famous? (I’m actually not sure, Master, I think he’s in India.) No matter what, he’s a sadhu, he won’t tell lies. (Yes, Master.) Because they keep the precept of not lying, because if they lie, they know the consequences. (Yes, Master.) And what for he’d lie about this, because it’s not his president, and it’s not his land, America is not his. (Yes, Master.)

There are hordes of journalists, reporters and… or politicians or non-politicians, they are all… pounding on President Trump all these years. You see? So whomever sides with President Trump, must really know the risk (Yes, Master.) of being maybe treated the same way. I am aware of that, but I have to say it. I should have said it long ago, I just hesitated. I was soft-spoken all these conferences before, what I told you about Mr. Trump.

It’s just recently, because I heard that he permitted the transition, so that’s why I have to speak more clearly, (Yes, Master.) more definitely. Because the official who is responsible for the transition funds, she has been hounded or harassed, so she just had to do it, and President Trump had to relent for her safety and peace. (Yes, Master.) They would not let it be. He should be re-elected. Now at least four more years for him to catch up, (Yes, Master.) and to do all the other jobs that he has not done.

In the world, there are not just these two or three people. They just don’t say it but there are at least 90 people who saw angels around President Trump. (Wow.) Not just me or Mr. Voight or the monk in India. (Yes, Master.) (Oh.) Or whoever that Carlos (Colon) is. Not just them. There are 90-something more people who saw them. (Wow.) (Oh.) So we are not just talking without proof. Many other people see them. (Yes, Master.) It’s just that this kind of proof… you just have to like take an oath with the Bible that you tell the truth. That’s all, otherwise it’s not like a photograph you can show to anybody. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

(Could Master please tell us what is that covenant between God and President Trump?) That he has to make peace. Yes. That’s his job, his mission. (Oh.) You can see it very well. More nations are coming to peace also with Israel. That means peace with America and the world. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s mediated by the American government, by President Trump.

I still pray for him every day. Whenever I’m not working. I mean between the jobs, (Yes, Master.) or at night of course when I meditate. I cannot keep repeating it, but I just hope that everything goes well. (Yes, Master.)

Imagine a machine who has a software, you can erase it, you can delete the documents and you can change the documents and you can completely erase it, out of sight. (Oh.) Yeah, with the software nowadays, (Yes.) people can do many things with the software. Right? (Yes, Master.)

Can you guys do that? If you send something to the other party’s telephone and you can erase it from your own phone? (I’m not sure, Master.) (No, we’re not sure.) That guy, maybe he’s a computer geek. Some special people can do that. One of your sisters, she also knows many things about computer safety and all that and she has told me many things that I feel… my eyes are quite opened. My wisdom eye, open already, but my physical eyes also opened, say, “Wow, huh, really? That’s unsafe, that’s not safe? That is safe?” “You can do that?” Some people know more advanced computer or software technology than you do. (Yes, Master.) I’m sorry you’re not maybe software geek, but some people are. (Yes, Master.)

That’s it, that’s all your questions now? (Yes, Master.) (That’s all, Master.) If anymore explanation is needed to extend your knowledge about any of your questions, or my answer, you let me know. (Yes.)

Think about it (OK, Master.) and now I want to tell you some other thing. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) You asked me if my meditation helps. (Yes, Master.) It helps in many way, of course, It helps so our planet will not be destroyed or flung into the black hole. (Oh! Wow.)

Oh, you’ve seen the news that the black hole has made a noodle out of the star. (Yes, Master.) This is a real thing. (Wow.) Because this star has been doing evil deeds. So it’s a punishment. (Wow.) The star is not just a star, alone one person or one being. Just like our planet is like a star also, but many billions of beings in it. (Oh.) The same, they have discovered the six galaxies within one of the black holes. That is because of the punishment. A black hole is hell. (Oh.) It’s a physical, visible hell. (Ooh.) (Yes, Master.) And anyone, any planet, any star, any celestial body, if it has done anything badly, and it accumulates too heavy, too long, then it will go there (Wow.) to receive the retribution. And that’s why they discovered six galaxies in there. These galaxies are the bad ones. (Yes, Master.)

And if our planet is not careful enough, and doesn’t have enough blessing and protection, it’s going to fly or (get) sucked into the black hole. (Oh.) (Wow.) One of the black holes that’s nearby us. Let me check it again, if I have it. Because one of the black_holes is in the middle of the Milky Way. That’s what the scientists say. Well, I have to tell you in scientific terms because otherwise you don’t believe me. But it is very near. It’s 2,000 light years closer than they thought before. (Yes, Master.) But very close. When you hear the 2,000 light years, it’s nothing. (Yes, Master.) And when karma is up, it will suck it in there. (Oh.) Doesn’t matter how far. So, that’s what happened to any planet or star who doesn’t behave according to universal law. That’s why the Earth people should worry. (Yes, Master.) It’s not about how far the distance or how near the distance.

The black hole will make noodles out of our planet, will shred it like the paper shredding machine, (Oh, my God.) (Wow.) in no time. (Yes, Master.) And just suck it in there. I don’t know how long. It depends. The way we are warring with each other and killing billions, trillions of animals every year like this, it doesn’t take long to have the same fate as that star that you saw on the Internet. (Yes, Master.) It won’t take long.

You see, any planet or any galaxy that has similar energy as the black hole’s energy, then sooner or later, the planet or the stars will gravitate toward the black hole and then will be swallowed up in no time. Black hole is pure negative. Thus, any star or any planet where all the beings inside have not done anything good, just do bad deeds until the energy adds up, adds up, adds up, builds up, builds up until it’s so heavy, becomes so much negative atmosphere, then it will gravitate toward one of these black holes and be swallowed up in it. (Yes, Master.) It’s fantastic already that the scientists already can see it from millions of light years away. But of course, there are things, there are activities within the black holes that no one can see, even the psychics, because it is all covered. (Wow.) If you can see it, you might hurt yourself even. (Yes, Master.) Mostly, no one can go there except the bad beings, evil beings.

Some of these activities are described in the Buddhist sutra called Ksitigarbha Sutra, Earth Store Bodhisattva Sutra. These activities of hells and suffering and pain and sorrow, indescribable pain and suffering, endless suffering, are described in the Ksitigarbha Sutra, and there are more, not just that. But of course, we cannot see them with our naked eyes, even with the scientists’ best telescope.

I feel so sorry for all beings on this planet that they don’t understand anything about the mechanism of hell, how near they can be to any hell-like existence by being ignorant, by doing all kinds of things that according to Heavens and Universal law are unfit, are degrading or cruel or coarse or inhumane.

I don’t know how else to warn humans. I can only meditate and pray. I hope one day we will return to our own benevolent nature inherent within all humans and all beings so that we don’t ever know the word suffering, let alone suffer ourselves. May God bless us all. Amen.

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