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Ronen Bar (vegan): Bringing Animal Suffering to Light, Part 2 of 3



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Today is International Animal Rights Day, an event annually observed worldwide on December 10 to bring awareness that animals are sentient beings like us and deserve freedom, justice, and respect. Ronen’s worldwide investigations have revealed the truth of the animals’ extreme anguish in slaughterhouses and elsewhere to the public. His work has led to “wide-scale public debates, class action lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and new legislation.” He is the CEO and founder of Sentient – an international investigative nonprofit group working on the behalf of animals being abused by the food industry and others, and the board chairperson for the Modern Agriculture Foundation, an entity that promotes alternative proteins. Ronen believes ending the brutal and unconscionable mass killing of animals in livestock factories is a top priority for our world. He says the other urgent issues that humanity faces like climate change, enormous global environmental degradation and severe natural resource depletion are directly connected to this endless slaughter. “I think we are in the process of animal genocide. Trillions of animals are being massacred by humans each year in the world. We're talking about just between 1 trillion to 3 trillion fish who are pulled out of the ocean each year and die. And that's just fish. That's a major genocide, a very, very big genocide. The genocide is getting worse and worse. We see less animals in the wild and more animals who are confined in factory farming and slaughterhouses, and all of these places whose environments are completely 100% built for the economic benefits of corporations, but not for the welfare of the beings who are suffering inside of them.” Mr. Bar has been inspired by many other animal advocates and is networking with them to help advance the animal liberation movement's objectives. Israel has the most vegans per capita globally, and Mr. Bar now explains some of the factors that have made his nation a vegan hotspot.
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