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One Planet Pizza - Good for You, Good for the Animals, Good for the Planet, Part 1 of 2

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Today, we are excited to bring you the story of the UK’s first, multi-award winning frozen vegan pizza company, One Planet Pizza, proudly co-founded by a father-and-son team, Mike and Joe Hill. Being a pioneer on many fronts, One Planet Pizza is the UK’s first ever crowd-funded 100% vegan food company. "Well, pizza, as they say, is one of the world’s most favorite foods! In the U.K. alone, it’s worth £480 million, and our aim is just to get perhaps one percent of that market, so that would be tens of thousands of people eating vegan pizza, rather than pizzas with meat and dairy." Mike not only saw the opportunity to introduce great pizzas to the market, but he also realized that people desperately needed better vegan alternatives, to assist them to step forward and bravely make a positive switch in their diet. "One of the phrases we use all the time is something called 'Pizza with Purpose.' So the idea is that we use pizza as an agent of change and it’s a way of encouraging people to eat less dairy, less meat." Mike’s son, Joe Hill, calls himself the “Chief Pizza Distributor.”

Together with their like-minded shareholders, they are leading the company to be even more sustainable on many levels. Packaging is one of their outstanding achievements. Their ‘Zero to landfill packaging’ means all their pizza boxes are 100% compostable and all other packaging is fully recyclable. All the company’s recyclable wastes are shredded on site, given another life through composting and other eco-friendly processes. Bravo, One Planet Pizza, for leading by example, using innovative community supported fund-raising strategies, and putting so much hard work into developing such a successful product for the growing healthy vegan food market. You have made clear that every slice that your customers eat is a statement that they care for the environment and the lives of all animals.

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