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Dolly Vyas-Ahuja (vegan) - A True Voice for Ahimsa, Part 2 of 2

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With her endless enthusiasm, Dolly has become friends with virtually everyone on the who’s who list of the animal rights movement in India and the USA. One person she is particularly close to is the renowned author, environmentalist, social justice advocate, and animal activist Dr. Sailesh Rao, a Shining World Award for Earth Protection laureate, who is also one of the key originators of the Internet as we know it today. “He talks about all this methane that is going into the air. He’s also talking about us chopping down the forests. Now, every 10 seconds, the Amazon forest is being chopped down for animal agriculture. So, animal agriculture is the number one reason for ocean dead zones, habitat destruction, environmental devastation, and these things have to change.” Dolly’s activism has taken her around the world. In India, she delivered a rousing speech at the World Vegan Conference in New Delhi in July 2019, about the harmful effects of dairy. “And God, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha is full of compassion and love. They're trying to teach that, do not harm anyone, do not separate a mother and a child. So, I think we really need to understand what God is trying to say. And that is to live with compassion. That should be number one.” Dolly recognizes that dairy consumption is deep-rooted in Indian culture, which is one reason why she is working hard on her documentary film as a way to change the misconceptions in her motherland. “Once people find out the truth of who they really are, which is compassion, they want to change. They start thinking about this deeply. And I think that veganism is such a powerful movement right now, and it's growing so fast, because, if we don't go vegan, we are hurting our planet, and we really need to secure it for our future generations.”
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