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Veganism: The Noble Way of Living

African American Veganism: Going Back to Their Roots

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Historically, the diet of the ancestors of African Americans, was largely plant-based. This way of life was truly at one with nature as African’s lived in regions that were abundant with food that could be collected for their needs. Tadzoka Pswarayi, an International Development Consultant, and social and tech entrepreneur, explains this concept very well in her article entitled: “African vegans are a return to tradition,” where she shared her insightful opinion on how the diet of African Americans has changed since its origins in Africa. “Before farming started, Africans were known to be hunters and gatherers (the foundation of the paleo diet.) They would gather leaves, roots, tubers, corns, rhizomes, bulbs, seeds, buds, shoots, stems, pods or edible flowers. Nowadays, most African societies are carnatic (centered on meat) and meat features daily in the diets of most middle-class African families. But this culture is colonial. Until about five centuries ago, Africa remained mainly dependent on traditional food.” Famous African American vegan advocate, Louis Hunter. Mr. Hunter was in a very difficult situation, which led him to meeting Sarah and Dan Woodcock, who introduced him to veganism, and eventually helped him open the very first black-owned vegan restaurant called “Trio” in Minneapolis, USA. On the morning of May 31, Mr. Hunter fed more than 300 vegan meals, with love and compassion, to the peaceful protestors in the streets, many of whom had supported him during his difficult time. Mr. Hunter’s greatest ambition is to see people live healthier, happier lives and he believes the vegan diet can do that. The African American public health nutritionist and author Tracey McQuirter, who has been a vegan for 33 years, used her insights and knowledge, and created the “African American Vegan Starter Guide,” to share for free with the whole world, what a vegan diet can do for all of us. This guide is specifically for the African Americans, based on their cultural cuisines, however, it can be enjoyed by anyone, as the recipes and guidelines are a wealth of information for all. As our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai once shared in the lecture, “We create everything that we want, if we live but in accordance with the law of the universe. Such is the power of just being vegan. Because that means we spare life, we want life, we want constructive energy, we don’t want destruction. So, vegan is the answer. This is something all Africans, and all citizens of the world can do. Be vegan. Be a world-saver.”
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