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Full Vibrancy and Light: Lesa Carlson (vegan) on the Raw Vegan Lifestyle, Part 1 of 2

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Lesa is a talented artist, singer, actress, model, choreographer and dancer. She is most well-known as a Los Angeles, USA-based raw vegan chef who has many famous clients. Ms. Carlson has built several sustainable green businesses that focus on raw vegan organic foods as well. Such foods are plant-based and have not been heated past 48 degrees Celsius to preserve their energy. Lesa has a refreshingly different take on proper nourishment that is based on quantum physics and light. ‟ Ultimately, the optimum food on a raw vegan diet is anything that has its full vibrancy and light. We are light codes, light bodies. The best option for that is things that are handpicked, that are in their most innate vibrant state. And that's plants. And that's things that are coming from the earth. So those are the most vibrant, and they have proteins, and they have all the energetic properties of life that we need to live, encoded. It's when it has been knocked out or changed and that is usually by a heat, high heat, the codes become despondent, broken, and cell walls are exploded. Your body doesn't recognize it. It's not separate; it's a whole. When you eat a plant, there are roots, there's bark, there are seeds, all parts of that plant have information in it. It actually functions together. It comes together. And so when your body gets the full content and information from that plant, you are whole. You recharge, you regenerate, you can do that at any time while you have this physical mass manifestation in this plane. You can regenerate any part of your body that you want to regenerate, including your teeth, including any part that needs to be replenished; it just needs to be given the light codes. I've been a raw foodist for 30 years, 100% raw foodist, vegan raw foodist. And I do believe in supplementation in the context of that there are foods that are high in nutrients, but they're still raw, they're still plant-based."
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