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Between Master and Disciples

Love and Forgiveness, Part 4 of 4, Oct. 01, 2006

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Because talking also consumes our energy. When we talk to someone, it is like we are communicating with them through a bridge. Talking is like a bridge that exchanges energies. So whatever he has, later on it will also come to your side. (Yes.) There is some exchange, so it will affect you to some degree.

My wish is that every nation has that (Supreme Master) Television in their own language subtitle. But we are working on... like, we have a lot of subtitles. And then from the machine, you can regulate, you can have whatever subtitle in your native tongue that you want. But for that, we must first translate. We must need translators. Whatever language we want to provide, we have to provide for the machine first. And if any of you can translate anything in your language, and if you think you can do that, then you have to contact with the team. And you don’t need to tell me, just go there and work, or contact them and translate. And do your best. Maybe it’s lousy translation in the beginning, but it’s better than nothing. And then later, if we find a better translator, we can do that. If you want. Because that’s the best for spreading the teaching.

No matter how many neighbors you have, how many neighbors can you talk to and convert into vegetarian (vegan)? But on television, millions of people will see. At least, hundreds of thousands of people will see. And then from then, they’ll breed more. You see, the word will spread, and they will watch more and more and more. The neighbors will watch! Let’s face it, how many neighbors can we visit, and to convert them into vegetarianism (veganism)? So, even if you want to help save animals, translation is already a salvation tool. That is how you save the world, even. You don’t need to go out and talk, even. Just your pen is enough. You see, we can help in many ways. That’s how you help. Do what you can. Do what you feel comfortable, also. You cannot force yourself, of course. But if you really want to do something, think of what’s the best you can help the world. Don’t think of what’s the best the world can help you; you know that already.

Now let’s speak in Chinese first. They, the Aulacese (Vietnamese) will be last. Just two, Chinese and Aulacese (Vietnamese), right? OK. What questions do you have? You can ask directly. No need to translate Chinese.

(Hallo, Master. I am from France. I have a question to ask Master. My child has already been initiated. But he is only 16. He is still studying at school. So, he has less time to meditate at home. The contact person said because he doesn’t meditate for two and a half hours, he is not allowed to meditate at the center.) That’s all right, he is still young. Tell them to be more understanding. OK? (OK, thank You, Master.) But you should not encourage him to be lazy. Ask him to try his best. Try to meditate as much as he can, OK? (OK. Thank You, Master.) Tell him Master allows him to attend group meditation. But he should try his best, all right? He is still young.

(Hallo, Master. Thank You for taking care of my life all the time. I am living a very happy life. Thank You, Master. Master, I would like to ask You a question. I feel my mind... I have a lot of bad habits in my life. But I feel it’s very difficult to overcome them. Master, how can I get rid of all these bad habits or ego?) It takes time. (It takes time.) Meditate, and it will get better. (It will get better.) It won’t be that fast. (It seems it cannot be eradicated. I also meditate a lot.) It won’t be that fast. Not completely. (No?) (Master, what should I do then? Suffer or what?) Don’t be bothered by it! (But sometimes I feel very guilty. Sometimes things happen, for example, I do something with my ego, or I have some selfish thoughts. Afterwards I blame myself a lot.) Of course! Of course! Just try your best. How come you have so many bad thoughts? Why? Why not just have good thoughts? (Sometimes I feel that Master takes very good care of my soul, and yet my mind cannot keep up with the progress of my soul. I just feel like that.) For example, what bad thoughts? (No, just sometimes in my daily life, I have some selfish thoughts of doing things for my own benefit. Just like that, such as doing things with my ego. This is not that bad. Just minor shortcomings.) Then it’s all right. You try your best. OK? (Try my best, OK.) (Master, if I meditate more, can I overcome them?) It’ll get better. Of course, it’ll get better. When you grow up, it’ll get better also. After growing up, our body, mind and spirit will change. In every seven days, our body and blood will change. So if you want to be good, you should tell yourself: “I don’t want you to do this. I want you to do that instead.” Slowly train your own mind. (Now, I know.) (Thank You, Master!) You are welcome.

You are so young, you cannot do many bad things. Don’t blame yourself too much. Why agitate yourself so much? You are a vegan, you meditate, you are very kind. Why blame yourself so much? You also look pretty, that means you are doing good things. Sometimes the mind is affected by TV, by neighbors, by friends. That’s all right. We absorb the influences, and later they germinate. Sometimes no one even says anything, but the air is full of complicated concepts, or complicated energy running all over the place. So when you forget to recite the Five Holy Names, it sneaks in and affects us. Therefore, sometimes we just sit there, and suddenly some bad thoughts come up for no reason. We don’t know where they come from. It’s not that they are associated with our thoughts. No, they just come suddenly. So, we also let them go suddenly. Next one.

(Hallo. I am from Germany. I have a question. The actual problem is, I was with fellow initiates during my one-month summer vacation. A lot of my bad habits disappeared, simply by hanging out with initiates. But as soon as I went back to school, in just one week, almost all my bad habits came back. I don’t like to have those bad habits.) What kind of bad habits? I can’t understand if you talk this way. (For example, I like to talk a lot. Sometimes, after talking with my classmates, I cannot meditate very well, and my spiritual practice is not that good.) Understand. Understand. (So, I am not like those disciples who are very diligent, either. I hope that I can practice better.) Then you try to talk less, all right? (OK.) If you remember, remind yourself: What is the use of talking so much? It’s better to go back to meditate! Because talking also consumes our energy. When we talk to someone, it is like we are communicating with them through a bridge. Talking is like a bridge that exchanges energies. So whatever he has, later on it will also come to your side. (Yes.) There is some exchange, so it will affect you to some degree. Besides, talking consumes energy. If you talk a lot, and it’s nonsense, then it’s even worse. (Right, most of our talking is nonsense.) If you gossip, you collect bad karma also. So, maybe it’s better if you can talk less. Or you waste your time talking, not meditating. (All right, OK. Thank You.) But you are still very young. You are very good already. (Because many initiates at my age slowly quit practicing after some time. I hope I can follow You forever to practice, therefore, I want to improve.) It is because the outside influence is too intense, too much bad influence. (Thank You, Master.) Poor girl. I also hope you won’t be like them. Continue to practice, OK? You are so beautiful. So, be careful!

(First of all, a million thanks to Master for Your love for me. I have been through all kinds of worldly ups and downs. Master still loves me tremendously. Thank You very much.) You are welcome. (I have a question: This time we came to Spain to meditate. Seeing so many initiates having meals here, we German disciples would like to contribute some money to the Spanish initiates. Is it OK?) It’s not contribute; it’s just paying for the meals. (Pay for the meals. That’s right.) That’s OK, of course. It’s OK that they pay for their meals. Those who don’t have money don’t need to pay. Whoever has money and wants to pay, then pay. It’s nothing. No big deal to pay a bit of money. It’s fair for everyone. For those who have no money, please do not pay. Whoever has money and wants to pay, then pay, OK? All right? (All right!) Good. (Also, one more...) Later, I’ll pay a little bit also. Next one.

(It is very, very difficult to open pure vegan restaurants in Europe. One of my suggestions is to make semi-finished products, and sell them to the non-vegan restaurants. For a simple example, Germans like fried chicken and ducks. We can make vegan chickens, or vegan ducks. If two dishes of vegan ducks can save one duck’s life... So this time, we also... So our bistro...) OK, then you can make vegan food... (Sell the semi-finished products to the non-vegan restaurants.) For free? (No.) (Just like selling these to... A lot of....) I know, otherwise we can sell to supermarkets. (Yes, deliver to the supermarket.) It’s not giving for free! We sell to them. Not give to them. (After we sell it to them, they...) Understand, understand. (If they can accept just one dish, because we save one life by making two dishes, then one life is saved.) It takes a lot of manpower. It needs a lot of people as well. This, you can do yourselves. No need to bother me. My God!

I have to do other things. I am very busy. Didn’t you hear me? Even if I let them do this, I still have to take care of them! If they have questions, whom do they ask? Ask you? If they ask you, you will say, “I am retired. I wasn’t successful before, and now I don’t want to do it anymore.” Then whom can they ask? Later, it all comes to me. You don’t know that! They start a lot of work, but later everything is left to me. Master does everything. I am too busy! I have no time to eat, to sleep. I need to take telephone calls, and work even when I am eating. Watch Supreme Master TV, to see what’s going on. And spend time with the dogs while eating. Otherwise, they think I’ve abandoned them. I have to let the dogs run around next to me while I am working. “Hey, not that one. Come over here! Oh! No, no! Don’t bark, don’t bark. Come here, come here, come here!” Then, take care of them while working, just like taking care of kids, very busy! Everyone wants me to do this, do that. You can do it yourself. You have so many people, and you don’t help me do anything. Instead, you always ask me, a small person like me. So small and getting old as well. For anything: “Oh, Master, do this. Oh, Master, do that.” It all sounds very good. Some plans are very good. But we humans have limited ability, not just me. Later, when you cannot make it work, you say, “I don’t want to do it anymore!” Then you leave everything to me. I will have to make sandwiches myself. What to do when the customers come? Everyone is gone. One falls in love, leaves. One cannot get along with other initiates, leaves. Another says he has a better and nobler job to do: “I go to work for Supreme Master (TV). I cannot stay here.” “Ah, I miss Taiwan (Formosa). I am leaving.” “I don’t like this dog, I am leaving.” “Customers are impolite, I am leaving.” “The work is boring - making sandwiches, the same every day. I am leaving too.” You don’t know how many people have quit.

(Yes. We need to do this all by ourselves. This is God’s grace.) It is good if you do it on your own. (Something like promoting veganism or vegan restaurants. All these are what we have to do ourselves. It is due to Master’s grace that we have these opportunities. This time, we initiates from Duisburg can go to distribute the fliers, it is also due to Master’s grace. Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Even if it’s indirect, but I work as well. Actually, I do have some plans also. For example, asking them to open vegan restaurants at the airports, etc. But cannot. That’s the place where many people come and go. People from different countries; everyone can have vegan meals. But it is not easy. There’s no vacant space for us. You can also open them in big cities. But if we open in Madrid, we also need to open in London. If we open in London, we need to open... There are endless things to do. I only take care of spiritual matters, and you take care of vegan business. (Right! This time we can distribute Alternative Living flyers, it’s also Master’s grace thus blessing sentient beings in Europe and worldwide.) Too many things to take care of. OK, next.

(Master, I have a question about dreams. For example, what is the difference between seeing some Light or hearing something in a dream and seeing [inner Heavenly] Light in meditation?) Sometimes the same, sometimes not. (It’s hard to tell.) But if you see (inner Heavenly) Light, that means you are not dreaming. It’s the same as meditation. (Because I am lousy in practice. I feel I never really clearly see any (inner Heavenly) Light or hear something. But sometimes when I meditate, suddenly I come back and wake up,) Yes. (and seem to see a sun or a lamp there.) Yes, yes. (Is that a dream or...) No no, that is when you’re in a spiritual realm, but your brain did not get it. When you come back, something is left... (Also, the same when I meditate on the (inner Heavenly) Sound. Because I feel...) Understand. (I have practiced for 14 years, but I didn’t feel any progress in (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation. But sometimes, it suddenly... but very rarely... Because I like to play musical instruments, sometimes I can hear myself playing the flute or something. Is that an experience? Or is that just my dream?) Just enjoy it. No need to ask so much. It’s fine if it’s good for you. (I just want to get a confirmation, because it’s not quite clear to me.) That’s also an experience. (Also an experience?) Yes, it’s an experience. Experiences don’t only come when you sit straight in meditation. It’s not like that. (Because I’m always expecting...) When you concentrate, it comes. Sometimes, when we’re concentrated at work, then it comes. Sometimes we play a musical instrument, then it comes. Sometimes we just think like this for a second, it also comes. It doesn’t only come when we meditate. Everyone is different! (Yes, so do I. I am doing computer related work. Sometimes when I get very tired because of computer work, all of a sudden I see flashes of sunlight, also.) Understand, understand. This is also because of concentration. (And sometimes I also feel... Because of myself... In fact, I feel I am not worthy of... And I feel very sorry to Master.) That’s all right. (I am lousy in practice.) No, no. It’s all right. It’s OK. Just try your best. It’s fine! (Thank You, Master.) No matter under what circumstances you see the (inner Heavenly) Light, that’s the (inner Heavenly) Light, OK? (OK.) Maybe that’s your kind of meditation. Cannot calm down during the meditation, but can concentrate very well when working on computers. It’s fine as long as you see the (inner Heavenly) Light. (Thank You, Master.) It’s fine as long as you have the (inner Heavenly) Sound and Light. (Thank You, Master.) If you make improvements in your life, in your spirit, that’s good. You are the same. You look happy. Being happy is good enough. (I know, so I don’t talk anymore.) Don’t talk anymore!

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