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John Jezewski (vegan): Wellness Is in Our Hands, Part 1 of 2

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Today, it is our privilege to feature excerpts from our interview with John Jezewski. He has been a registered homeopath and Living Nutrition Practitioner for almost 30 years and treated hundreds of people. This gentleman from the UK is a specialist in living nutrition, alkaline health, chronic disease, weight loss, longevity, and mental and emotional health. Additionally, he is an inspiring health coach and the founder and principal of the College of Living Nutrition that offers accredited nutrition courses in London and Birmingham for those interested in training to become a professional nutrition therapist. Mr. Jezewski is a proponent of the alkaline vegan diet. This lifestyle features a high intake of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy plant foods while restricting processed junk foods. Advocates of this way of eating say this particular diet helps maintain wellness and repels serious diseases. Our blood tends typically to be on the slightly alkaline side with a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. Therefore, by choosing more alkaline foods, it means that you may be able to “alkalize” your body to achieve or maintain the ideal pH level. “So there is a big problem. Big, big problem with people becoming too acidic, and then they resort to taking antacids. But again, you need to get to the root cause. And the root cause is eating too much food, too many drinks that are acidic. If you’re drinking cola, you’re drinking coffee, you’re drinking tea, you’re eating chips - deep-fried chips, all of this is adding to the acidity problem. And it’s a big problem. So you need to eat alkaline food, which is vegan, and alkaline - not acidic.”
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