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Acupuncturist Lisa K.Y. Wong (vegan): The Magic of Auricular Medicine, Part 3 of 3



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"It is a complete, comprehensive medical modality, where we use the ear to do diagnosis and treatment of all the conditions in the body, up to 200 diseases, and 500 symptoms.” All these different expressions in our ear, whether it's discoloration, flakiness of skin, the blood vessel protruding, and pain or different degrees of pain, all these are different ways the ear, our inner healer, or inner doctor, wants to tell us about what's going on. And the location of these symptoms will tell us where the problem is.” According to Ms. Wong, there are different “control panels" within us, including the ears, eyes, hands, and feet. She developed the Healing by Design Self-Care Method to show people how they can easily cure various illnesses, pains and discomforts. “I want to first help them recognize that these parts of their body have these special abilities to let them check what's going on in their body ahead of time before they are experiencing discomfort or pain, or any health challenges. Because it's so simple, I want to teach kids early in their lives. My dream is that all the children will grow up learning this as a life skill that their parents would teach them, just as common as brushing their teeth every day." "My new definition of what optimum health is, is when not only the ear, but in all your control panels in your body, you cannot find any pain. And that is the best measurement that someone is in optimum health. I believe that your inner healer has an expectation of you, based on your genes, your own lifestyle, your habits, your diet, everything combined makes what optimum health is for you. So, it is definitely a new concept." Ms. Wong has been a vegetarian for more than 25 years and vegan for the past eight years. “Through our non-profit, I teach people about the importance of the vegan diet. If they want to reach optimum health, this is a necessary, a central part and that is definitely, absolutely necessary.”
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