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Extreme Weather Events: Urgent Call for Prevention, Part 3 of 3

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It is becoming increasingly clear that hurricanes, typhoons, and tropical cyclones around the world are becoming stronger and potentially more deadly as the planet warms due to the climate crisis. On May 20, 2020, it was reported that Amphan, the strongest cyclonic storm since the 2007 season, had made landfall along India’s east coast and in Bangladesh. With wind speeds gusting to more than 240 km/h (150 mph) the cyclone wreaked havoc as it raced inland, disrupting power supplies to about 5.5 million homes, and causing high tidal surges and a chaotic mess along the coast. The storm prompted Bangladesh to evacuate about 2.4 million people to shelters, while in India’s West Bengal, 500,000 people had to rush to safer locations. On numerous occasions, our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has stated that the most effective way to stop global warming is through widespread adoption of the vegan lifestyle. “We must, first of all and the most important thing, we have to stop global warming by choosing a sustainable diet that is vegan. This will almost immediately stabilize the planet, the weather, and then we can think about adapting to the changes. I hope we don’t have to adapt, but otherwise, it might be too late if we don’t take care of the problem at the root right now.” “You know, being a leader, you are supposed to lead people into the right direction, if you already know what’s good for them. It’s your duty. But it doesn’t seem like they’re doing much, or not fast enough, because they know for that piece of meat, if people continue to consume it, then the children and the other people, children, women, men, animals on this planet are going to be harmed, hurt or killed or maimed. And the other further generations, their children, their grand, grand great grandchildren, will be burned in such an inferno because of climate change due to meat consumption, meaning the meat industry. So, I don’t know why they hesitated so long, not to talk about Heavens and hells and punishments, rewarding, nothing else. As a human, we have to take care of each other, take care of other humans and animals, the weaker, lesser beings, by doing what is appropriate to protect us and protect them. For God’s sake!”
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