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Peera Ram (vegetarian): Compassionate Earth Hero of Rajasthan

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Bishnoi is a Hindu group in northern India, particularly concentrated in the state of Rajasthan, whose members abide by 29 precepts given by Sri Guru Jambheshwar. These include bans on killing animals and felling green trees, as well as directives to worship God daily and protect all forms of life. Today we will share with you a heartwarming story about Peera Ram, a mechanic by trade, who belongs to the Bishnoi family of devotees. One day, a chinkara gazelle was hit by a car as Peera Ram was arriving at work. Recalling the incident during a 2018 interview with, Peera Ram said, “My heart shivered. I ran to the spot, picked the distressed animal in my lap, hailed a vehicle and took it to the veterinary hospital.” This marked the beginning of his special calling to rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife. His family, who shared his sentiments and were pleased to see this new chapter unfolding in his life, gave him their complete support. With the help of some like-minded conservation activists, Peera Ram registered a non-government organization to lend legitimacy to his activities. Although he started the sanctuary called Bishnoi Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation by himself, Peera Ram credits the goodwill and generosity of his supporters for the facility’s success. Over the years, Peera Ram and his devoted staff have expanded the sanctuary that now shelters 600 animals to 2.5 hectares. Since 2008, Peera Ram has helped more than 1,200 injured animals and nurtured about 7,200 trees, which are essential to a sustainable desert environment. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present Peera Ram with the Shining World Compassion Award, and a token gift of US$16,000 to support the animal lives-saving care provided by Bishnoi Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. May God bless you, all involved and the animals you treat and safeguard.”
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