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“The World Peace Diet”: Interview with Dr. Will Tuttle (vegan), Part 3 of 4

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“We’re eating vibrations when we eat food because there is a reality beyond just the physical reality.” “The Chinese tradition, for example, there’s a word ‘Qi,’ which means energy. And the whole idea is that it’s the Qi in nature and in our bodies that we have to keep in harmony. In the Indian tradition, the word is ‘Prana,’ or energy, and the mother in these cultures in India and in China consciously cooks the food for her family with love and with mindfulness, because the teaching is very wise. It’s a very wise teaching, to put the energy of love and caring into the food, because that’s what we’re really eating. That’s what really nurtures the body.” “So, it’s important for us to eat foods mindfully and with joy and with gratitude, but also to prepare them that way and also to gather them that way. We can create an agriculture based on sustainability where we’re growing in harmony with the Earth.” “We can work in harmony with nature and grow foods that naturally nourish our body. When we grow foods with love, the plants feel that and the plants respond. And this is the new frontier for agriculture. It’s actually ancient wisdom that’s been suppressed in our society. But when we treat the plants with love and awareness, they create beautiful, healing foods for us. “So that’s why moving to a plant-based way of eating is the most healing thing we can do, and in the physical level of our body, the most healing thing we can do for our society. Because then we’re beginning to create economic systems and cultural systems based on abundance – that we can feed everyone on a fraction of the land, that we can save trees. It’s well understood by biologists. They estimate over a hundred trees every year are saved by people moving to a plant-based way of eating. So, we can save trees and water, and help the climate, and oceans, and rainforests. All these things are interconnected. And when we move to a plant-based way of eating, we naturally heal these problems.”
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