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"Slice of Life – The Future of Food Documentary" – Engineering a New Vegan Earth through Film, Part 1 of 2

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This powerful 2019 documentary showcases the urgency for an all-encompassing vegan lifestyle to be instituted across the planet. Written, directed and produced by first-time documentary filmmaker, and dedicated vegan, Mr. Mahesh Kothamangalam, “Slice of Life” brings us yet another poignant and compelling media production aimed toward the awakening of human consciousness with regard to our dietary choices and its future impact on the planet. The documentary was an official selection for the 2019 Kraków International Green Film Festival in Poland. Mr. Kothamangalam gave of his valuable time for a special interview with Supreme Master Television at the premiere of his work in Vancouver, Canada. “It's a documentary about the future of food. These food technology companies are trying to come up with products that are delicious, take fewer resources, no animal, ethical consequences, and it's just right for the environment. So, it's a win-win in every possible direction. That's how ‘Slice of Life’ is totally different from other documentaries; we are focusing on the solutions.” “Slice of Life” presents an array of professional opinions and research from an impressive line-up of influential media personalities, and entrepreneurial and social leaders from the medical, scientific, artistic, and culinary business domains. Originally from southern India, Mr. Mahesh Kothamangalam studied at Northern Illinois University in the United States and completed a Master of Science in Industrial and Process Engineering. Currently, he is the Assistant Vice President of U.S. Bank, an American financial institution. It was during the latter part of this journey that he made a personal switch, first to vegetarianism, and then to veganism. During this process, from information to transformation, Mahesh decided to find ways to let more people know about the truth. Convinced of the effectiveness of the documentary format to not only share with the widest audience possible but also to present solutions he was exposed to during his research, Mahesh set out on this daunting task. Mahesh Kothamangalam’s brave and committed approach is an example to us all in the pursuit of justice and righteousness for the Earth and all her inhabitants. Our appreciation goes to Mr. Mahesh Kothamangalam for his courageous and heroic deeds in revealing the truth and bringing light to shine on the Vegan World to be!
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