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Monk Coleman (vegan) - From Alleys of Darkness to Highways of Englightenment, Part 2 of 2

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Monk believes there is a purpose for everything, including his dark experiences. Let’s hear about his self-realization from his soul searching through meditation. “So, all the things, I look back now, it’s not about poor me, or being a victim. It’s like, wow, I needed every bit of this, so I can live my purpose and share this with the world. ‘My purpose here is to bring this message to you while pointing you in the direction of unconditional love, which brings transformation so that you will realize your full unlimited potential.’” This is truly an inspiring goal and altruistic endeavor by Joe, the “Vegan Monk” Coleman. So, how would Monk encourage our viewers to change if some are still undecided about the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other substances, and how would he inspire them to try to find answers from within, through meditation? “Anything we do destructive to ourselves, there's a reason why we're doing it. Each individual has a different path to getting to that point where they don't need the alcohol, they don't need the drugs, they don’t need the cigarettes, they don't need all the distractions that they have, to not feel what they’re feeling. So, the more you sit, the more things become calm.” Monk believes that the integration of meditation into one’s daily life is the most effective way to achieve freedom from the noisy influences of the world around us. Monk brings his enthusiasm and wisdom to outreach at health and wellness venues, schools and rehabilitation centers, to name a few. He is also writing a book, Love Over Fear-10 Steps to a Purpose Filled Life, soon to be published. He is on the mission of guiding and uplifting others with the messages of compassion and love, as well as motivating others to become their brighter and better selves, both physically and spiritually. As a father, Monk’s approach to teaching his children is to act as an example, allowing them to be themselves rather than enforcing his ideas into their minds. He believes that some form of celestial knowledge and experience is bestowed on children when they arrive here, or even before. Monk Coleman has remarkably transformed his life from darkness to the journey towards enlightenment, and has been experiencing the connection to his inner wisdom through meditation. Thank you, Monk, for sharing your generous and loving heart with others to help make this world a better place for humans and animals alike.
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