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Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 4 of 9, June 10, 2020

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“I humbly thank all for this extraordinary love. May God bless you all. And let Tim Qo Tu take you to the New Realm where you will be in Glory forever. At least to the Fourth Level. Amen. Love you all, sooooo much. XXXXX.”

You want to ask me questions? Or let me blah, blah on like this? There’s so many. Still so many. (Yes, please.) I prayed for the North ….. leader ….. … I said, “He’s a good boy.” (Yeah.) “Please help him.” The God of Info told me, “Ask the God of North …..” Each country has a God. (Wow!) To oversee it. So, OK, He told me about him, but I don’t want to tell you here. (OK, Master.) I just prayed for him, for the North ….. leader, in my heart. And I wrote it down here. I said, “He’s a good boy.” I also prayed for Mr. Boris, before, in the UK (Yes.) because he has COVID, and he has to rush to the hospital. So I said, “He’s a good boy. Please help him. Let me take some of his karma if have to be.” (Oh, Master.) So, I was so happy, a week later or something he came home. (Yes.) (Oh, Master blessed them.)

For North ….., we don’t have access, so it’s all right, I just keep praying and checking inside. But he also, it will be OK. (Yes, Master.) Also they talk about peace and all that. But I’m not convenient to tell you. (OK, Master.) Oh, I see. No, I cannot tell you this either. (Yes, Master.) They say, “If You want to tell, You have to tell it in code. You cannot tell things openly.” Not always. But the code I cannot write here. (OK.) So in parentheses I say, “(OK, I know, I know, I will do that. Respectful thanks to You. Though we are not same status but love is there.)” Meaning I tell the God of North ….. who told me this and that. And the God of War and all that and God of Info also, I thanked Them.

And then, He told me also, “Love will win.” (Wow.) I said, “Tell me. What kind of love, which love, whose love?” Quotation marks again. First, He in quotation marks, “Love will win.” And I said, “Tell me more about what love, which love?” So, quotation marks: “Yours, plus beings in the OU (Original Universe). Ihôs Kư Godses.” So, parenthesis: (“Thanks infinitely and love infinitely.”) And then there’re many things lead me down to say, “Wow.” “Heavens and Earth and all beings are so concerned and protective.” All telling me, not move down to where, where, where. Because it’s not safe. Even the spider came and tell me that too. (Wow.) Dogs too of course. “I humbly thank all for this extraordinary love. May God bless you all. And let Tim Qo Tu take you to the New Realm where you will be in Glory forever. At least to the Fourth Level. Amen. Love you all, sooooo much. XXXXX.” They keep telling me, “Love will win.” Even recently. (Yes, Master.) I thank them for giving me high hope. (We understand, Master.) But they told me exactly the day, the month and the year and the week, but I don’t want to tell you. (Yes, Master.) They told me all this and that and when it will happen, and then they say, “Because love will win.”

So, I asked them, I should cast another protective ring around the world?” I asked them or not, question mark. I don’t write it like this. I say original like this, “Do cast a giant such and such ring around the world?” Question mark. I don’t say, “Should I cast?” I said, “Do cast?” and question mark. (Yes.) That’s the original language. I write it quick and simple. So, the ones who are responsible for this kind of protective ring, Godses tell me, “Yes.”  In quotation marks. And I ask, “That will help some?” Because I had a little doubt. (Yes, Master.) How can such a ring... I did cast some before already. (Yes, Master.) Last year. (Oh, wow.) Last year, but this time I wondered if I should do more because it’s getting worse, like the pandemic stuff. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want more people to suffer, children and the elderly and innocent people who are dragged down because of the zealous ghosts, to push them into doing wrong things in order to get this kind of karma. (Yes, Master.) Even if the zealous ghosts do it in their body and the soul is just… some standby, some don’t have enough merit for me to help them. (Oh.) Or some do, or forced to do some bad things. Even if in the zealous ghosts’ control or action, they still are responsible, somehow. Only some with the good merit and repentant and truly innocent, then I can take their souls up.

So now, the God of the Ring, Lord of the Ring, told me, “Yes.” I said: “That will help some?” The OU (Original Universe), the Ihôs Kư, Lord of the Ring, Godses. I don’t write Lord of the Ring, here. But I’m just telling you that by the way because now I just think about that. So the OU (Original Universe) Lord of the Ring said, “Yes.” (OK. Wow.) And They say, “Love will win.” I said, “Where does this Love come from?”(Oh.) So, the Lord of the Ring, told me again, an Ihôs Kư Godses of the Ring. All of the Godses have responsibility of different jobs. (OK, Master.) So this Godses had the job of taking care of the protective ring. Oh, one moment, I come back. (Yes, Master.) I have to plug in the phone. It has no power. Just plug in the hand phone, so that you can see me. I put myself on the record. Later, I give it to you. (Thank You, Master.) So you can see me and do what you want with it. But even if you don’t see me, you know me. Right? (Yes, Master.) I look similar to the last time I saw you. (OK, Master.) Just put on a few wrinkles and a few more gray hairs, then that’s exactly how I look like.

“Where does this ‘Love’ come from?” I put the “Love” in quotation marks. So, the Lord of the Ring Godses, because we were already in the conversation so, He by the way told me, “Py-O-Yol.” Means “Your Love.” (Wow.) I said, “Yol, what is “Yol?” Because I didn’t know that word before. I did check some of the Pusu language. (Yes, Master.) But I didn’t check all of them, so I said, “What’s Yol?” It’s written Y-O-L. He told me Yol, it means “Yours.” (Oh.) You and Yours. Meaning my people, some of my people. Meaning the Ihôs Kư Godses. They are truly my people. (Yes, Master.) The rest are adopted. You are adopted. But it’s the same. You’re also helping me. They are also helping me. So it means, Your (Py) Love, my (O) Love, Yours’ (Yol) Love. It means Your people. Yours. I said, “Sounds like a nice dream. When all love each other?!” Question mark. Exclamation mark. And that Love will defeat this too? Wow! And it takes ….? I said, “This is too long. How many will die meanwhile?” (Oh.) Four million, more or less. (Oh.)

I said, “Please Info Godses, tell who heals or knows the healing, too many works.” I asked Her to tell me who can heal, the healing Gods. So whoever knows healing. She told me. Then I said, “Too many works. I forgot, Godses of Info, I forgot, what God is that? Who does the healing.” So the Godses of Info said, “Goddess of World-Wellness.” (Wow.) I said, “I remember now, Goddess of World-Wellness.” I asked Her, the Goddess of World-Wellness, “Will world have medicine against this virus, or what?”  Question mark. Goddess of World-Wellness, quotation mark, “For virus, vaccine will world zealously develop.” That’s how They say it. They should say, “The world will zealously develop the vaccine for the virus.” So I asked, “When?” The Goddess of World-Wellness said, “….” Oh God. (Oh.) So, I said, “Whoa, whoa!!!!!” Exclamation mark, many. “Must find better way!!!!!” Many exclamation marks. (Oh, Master.) End of that.

I wrote here about some snake tried to charm my dog Reny to die also. (Oh.) That day the snake came there and then Reny was being mesmerized by it and then sat there and listened. I said to them, “Take her away, quickly!” I said to Reny, “Don’t listen. Don’t listen.” Because Reny said the snake told her that if she’s willing to die, then it will bring world peace. I said to Reny, “No, no, no! God makes Peace, not dog. OK? Don’t listen to the snake. Come here. Come back home. Quickly! Stop it! If you see the snake, you run away. OK? The snake is slower than you. You just run!” So, now I have to change the dogs’ program. Feeding down the hill instead. Down on the lower hill rooms instead. But I changed it another time already. After I told them, “If you see the snake, you will just run. You don’t listen. You don’t sit there and listen to them. They’re lying. They’re cheating. They are working for maya, the devil.” So the next time when the attendant came to take them out, they stayed inside my place. And I said, “Go, go, go. Go out now. It’s time to go out and then eat and walk.” They said, “No, there is a snake outside. We don’t want to go out.” So I had to change their place to another area. They’re so cute. So cute. Both of them running to my area instead. They have a separate room outside of my other room. I live in one room, they live in another room next to each other. There’s a connecting big door anyway, so they come in and out, I come in and out. The attendants came, and they run into my room instead. They say, “There is a snake outside, we don’t want to go out.” So cute. I didn’t see any snake anywhere, but they could be hiding somewhere, so I changed their place, for them to go out and not go into that area anymore. I said to Ihôs Kư, “Drive all these snakes away from my dogs and my vicinity.” Still the zealous ghosts, they can work from afar. (Yes.) They can send snakes there, and one almost bit me if it was not for the bird (Oh, Master.) that saved me.

When he first came, he was very little. Baby bird. I said, “This bird came here, is there any reason?” I was told that he’s there to protect me. So I said, “How can such a little bird protect me?” I had to protect him many times. I had to pick him up and he let me. He let me caress him and all that. But I didn’t want him to be so used to me. (Yes, Master.) I want him to enjoy his freedom. As a wild bird. So I tried not to contact him very much. Only when he’s in trouble, then I pick him up, bring him somewhere else. Put him up high. (Oh.) So dogs don’t chase him, for example like that. And I gave him initiation and told him, “Take care of yourself.” (Wow.) Because he’s a wild bird. He should enjoy his freedom to fly around anywhere he likes and have a girlfriend and all that. Children and all that. That’s what I was thinking. I don’t let myself be too much involved, but I love him to bits. I love him so much. Sometimes I call him when I come back to Hsihu. I call him, “De are you still here? Where are you? Where are you?”  Where are you? Where are you?” Sometimes he replies to me. He says, “Far. Far away.” (Oh.) Sometimes he says, “Near.”

I tell you too many things. (Thank You, Master.) I’m not sure if we can disclose all this on Supreme Master TV, but you asked me to read to you… It’s forever, so I think we stop now. So I thought you have questions, that’s why I called you. (We do. We’ve got questions.) Anyway, even if you have no questions, I call you sometimes, just to let you know that I’m still here and that I think of you. (Oh. Thank You, Master. Thanks so much. We appreciate it.)  

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