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Violet’s Vegan Comics – Vegan-Friendly Stories for Children

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Violet Plum and her daughter Miranda Lemon are authors and illustrators of vegan-themed comics and other books, which they create to provide children around the world with vegan heroes and role models. They also support an animal sanctuary through their work. “We became vegan about twenty years ago. I went vegetarian when I was thirteen, but I didn't realize that animals were still killed for milk and eggs. When I finally realized that, we all went vegan when Miranda was about eight years old.”

“We love stories. We love reading stories. We love watching TV stories and movies. But we always get upset when the heroes eat meat, or buy a leather jacket, or go fishing. They're not our heroes anymore; that spoils it for us. So, we wanted to make stories in which the heroes were vegan.”

“So, I invented ‘Reflecto Girl,’ and she has a mirror. It's an ancient, magical mirror. And if she holds it up to someone, then whatever they're doing to someone else happens to them. So, if they're doing something horrible to an animal, then whatever they're doing will happen to them. And then there's Venus Aqueous. Venus Aqueous is a champion swimmer, and she has a supernatural power to hear and understand marine animals. So, she rescues marine animals when they call for her help.”

“And then after that, I decided we needed a boy hero because these are all girls. So, then we came up with Luke Walker.” “All the Luke Walker books are sold in support of Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk, in England. They have over 4,000 large animals living there: cows, pigs, horses, sheep, all rescued from factory farms, and they educate the public as well. They have open days educating the public about farming and about veganism.”
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