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Friends of Eternity - A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists, Part 24

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Let's hear more from Ms. Williams-Crosby in her talk titled: “Making an Act of Conviction - With God[All] These Are Possible.” “Supreme Master Ching Hai. I want to thank You so much for allowing my family to be part of Your family. It’s a great blessing. And to be able to feel so much love and respect is a great gift. I stand here today because of an act of conviction that I made to God on September 19th, 1977. Well, I never looked back after that act of contrition. I’ve been a vegan for 40 years. I also now produce faith-based film shorts. And that’s my way of giving back by spreading God’s messages. So for me, I can’t get through a day unless I know I have connected. And Supreme Master Ching Hai, through all Your teachings, You have shown a great Light, inner pathway for people that have faith. Because then we get stronger and stronger.” “It's just like you want a strong body, you got to put a little resistance on those muscles to build. Our spirit needs a little resistance, a little trouble, so we can work through that. Because in times of great trouble, miracles do happen. Thank you.” “Wow! Very interesting.”
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