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Holy Laws on Protecting the Animals - Selection from “In Front of the Blind" by Jewish Scholar Asa Keisar (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Today, we’ll learn more from Mr. Keisar’s book “In Front of the Blind,” or “Velifnei Iver Hashalem.” “Rabbi Avraham Saba: ‘Based on the complete and whole view, kindness of God who is good to all of His creations; a person should realize that the purpose of the milk from an animal mother’s breast is to nourish her baby and not for the individual to do as they please.’” 
“Maimonides states, ‘There is no distinction between anguish experienced by a human and anguish experienced by animals; this is because the love and yearning of a mother for its offspring is not dependent upon intelligence, rather it is the inherent nature found in most creatures as it is found in man.’” 
“Harav Yitzchak Habanstreit: ‘One should know, aside for the fact that it is inappropriate for man to eat meat with regard to tradition, ethics, religion and wisdom; it is also unnatural because man is unfit to eat meat as is proven by the analysis of a person’s organs.’” 
“But this is not the case with the natural tendency towards vegetables and fruit of the tree and the like. These produce strong natural feelings and call to us in a loving way: ‘Wondrous to behold and good to eat.’ A great desire awakens in their midst to taste the fruits and eat their fresh as they were created. Is this not enough proof that these are the natural foods for a person?”
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