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The Waorani People – Pioneers and Protectors of the Amazon

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Ecuador hosts a portion of the magnificent Amazon rainforest and is also home to the native Waorani people, also known as the Huaorani, Waodani, or the Waos. Like other indigenous tribes across the globe, the Waorani have a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment. The forest is their beloved space, and they rely on nature for sustenance, water, safety, emotional fulfillment, and comfort. Hence, they passionately seek to protect and preserve the forest and its resources for younger generations. Indeed, the forest is full of natural treasures, such as a range of plants that are thought to keep the Waorani people healthy and strong. Phytochemicals are biochemicals that plants make to survive. The plants use these chemicals to defend themselves against dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even certain parasites. Human cells have receptors that absorb these protective plant phytochemicals. The Waorani also rely on the forest in the construction of their homes. While Waorani society is reported to be quite egalitarian, with relative equality between men and women, many Waorani women, in particular, are boldly leading the people into the future and raising awareness of the necessity of forest protection.
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