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Friends of Eternity - A Special Gathering with Supreme Master Ching Hai and Cherished Artists, Part 29

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“So how did You first get into meditation?” “I meditated when I was even young already without knowing, without any teacher. And then as you grow up and you see so much suffering in the world, you just wonder why and what you can do. Then that's how I began searching - in books, in church, in temple, and looking for gurus and looking for answers. And once I found it, I just stick to it. There's no other way that I can help, so this is the best way, the Quan Yin (inner Heavenly Light and Sound Method). They liberate themselves.” “What kind of artwork are you focusing on these days? Poetry or painting or…What's interesting to You right now? “Right now, I'm not interested in anything because I don't have time. All the artwork or the poetry, I wrote or I made when I was younger, when I had less disciples. Right now, I don't really have time. Also, I have to meditate a lot. Our world is in danger. I have to balance a little bit with the negative and positive.”
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