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The Story of Christmas and the Love of Jesus, Part 1 of 2

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“Now, we remember 2,000 years ago. A great being was born among ourselves. He was so great that we have no words to praise Him. Only God knows His greatness! We, the mortals cannot understand. We can only understand when we become as great as He. Now we would often ask ourselves, why is it that Jesus was made to die so quickly? God has made Him sacrificed in this way, so that the whole world will remember, so that we may treasure a messenger of God, by whichever name He came. Since the ancient times, our world has always been in trouble. People always err and forget God, so God has always to send some messengers to remind us. But Jesus was the most remembered because of His Greatness, and also because of His very short stay with us. And the way He had left us and resurrected.”

“And when we remember Jesus, we would remember God. And we would derive some blessing because Jesus was the Son of God.”

“Everything is arranged by God for some purpose. Our effort is needed, only so that we know we don’t need any effort. All the precepts, all the meditation hours I have prescribed to you, all the effort that you put in, only so that finally you learn to use no effort, no human effort. Like Jesus was! He had died on the cross, just to give us a perfect example of surrender.”

“So every year we should celebrate the birthday of Jesus. And try our best to remember and also to remind others how to surrender to God, try to surrender to God. At least try to remember God.”

“I think Jesus sacrificed just to let us know this lesson that Lay you not the treasure, on Earth, where moths do corrupt and destroy, but lay your treasure in Heaven because it’s eternal. How do we lay our treasure in Heaven? He means, build up our merit. Love God. How to love God? Keep God’s commandment.”

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