Antara Guru dengan Anak Murid

Menjalani Kehidupan Berhati Nurani dan Berkasih Sayang – Sedutan daripada Perbincangan Mahaguru Ching Hai, Bahagian 1 daripada 2

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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“Whatever it takes. Even if animal eating is not a sin, even if it is not, for the sake of compassion, we should stop eating them, and torturing them, for any reason at all. Even if eating animal doesn’t harm our environment, or our health, we should stop it because… for love! Protection of the weak and the helpless.” 
“We should remind everyone to be veg to invoke the mercy of the Buddhas, and we will be better protected. Studies have shown that if the grain currently going to livestock animals for feed, if we feed it to humans, then all the hunger in the world will disappear and the reversal of global warming from a vegan diet will result in more plentiful growing conditions. So, we even have more food than now if we turn to vegetarian diet. We are already facing so many untold natural disasters on a daily basis such as earthquakes, severe storms never seen before, volcanoes, ice melting, and many islands, many nations have sunk under the water already and many are sinking. And the climate has become very, very strange, like it became warm where it should be cold and it became cold where it should be hot. And this can only be alleviated through a return to the ancient ways of our wiser elders, like those in Mongolia of the old time. One that exists in harmony with nature and respect of other beings: a true brotherhood of love with all.” 
“Though a human is so smart, he lets his head overrule his heart. But they could still change once they are determined to improve, as they all have that heavenly spark of love within themselves. What’s missing here is a real spiritual practice and true divine value. As we helplessly drown in the whirlpool of existence, material things cloud themselves around us and blur our judgment and sway our better understanding. Survival pressure and the allure of temptation of this world challenge and confuse our mind, taking up all our strength and reason, while leaving us not much time at all to even remember our God’s power within or to even know that it exists.” 
“(Is this great change happening on Earth because the Earth is being uplifted to a higher consciousness? And what will happen after this process is done? Will this great change on Earth bring every living being on Earth into unity?) The cleansing effect is very unpleasant to bear. But if people realize this is just a warning, and change to a better, nobler lifestyle in love and peace, then all living on Earth will be in unity. And let’s pray that this happens very soon. We need it. We need a change in humans’ consciousness. We need peace and love on this planet, for a change. We have been living long enough in the shadow of wars, cruelty, troubles, famine and suppression of all kinds, due to the killing karma (retribution). We really need a breath of fresh air. We need peace, comfort, safety, happiness and love among all beings on the planet.”
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