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The Earth Is in Danger: the Experience of Following Master to Enter the Solar System to Save Earthly Home

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I’m infinitely grateful for Master’s protection and Blessings. I wish the worldly people will awaken soon!

Hallo, Dearest Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team! I’d like to share my inner vision from the early morning meditation of October 25, 2022, Supreme Master Ching Hai Day.

During my deep meditation, I saw an old man wearing a white robe, with silvery gray hair, and dazzling golden Light radiating from all over His body that illuminated the Earth. The old man was sitting upright on the top of the Tiananmen gate tower in Beijing, China, with His height reaching the clouds, and benignly signaling me to go with Him. “Who is this Saint?” I wondered in my mind. I recited the Five Holy Names and Gift while approaching Him. The old sage extended His big warm hand to pull me up and we flew toward the Universe. I could see the Earth drifting farther and farther away behind me…

We arrived in a world of extreme brightness, but without any landscape. All I could hear was my inner recitation of the Holy Names and Gift. Suddenly, in the ocean of Light there appeared many disciples sitting in deep meditation. Seeing those disciples who seemed familiar and unfamiliar, I asked, “What is this place? Who is the Master?” The old sage replied that it’s Master Lao Tzu’s ashram. At first, I was overwhelmed and then felt very emotional, coming to know that the Master was Saint Lao Tzu, whom I revered very much. Then, what I saw was Master Ching Hai, looking as She does now. She winked at me, and I was instantly immersed in the Light of Love. It’s such a delightful surprise for me to find that Master is the reincarnation of Saint Lao Tzu!

Ever since the day of my initiation, Master would wink at me with Her gloriously radiant eyes during my inner communication with Her. While still bathing in Love, I heard Master say, “The Earth is in danger! All disciples, deities, and angels need to enter into the solar system with me to save our Earthly home.”

All deities, angels, and disciples arrived at the designated Heavenly realm to see that Master Ching Hai was using Her silvery hair to weave an immense Heavenly net to envelope and shield the Earth. While all disciples, deities, and angels were trying their best to use the Light to repair the net, the solar flares and geomagnetic storms repeatedly broke it. The boundless raging flames were beyond human language description.

Burnt by the raging flames, Master became like a fire ball. She collapsed countless times, rolled over exhausted and passed out, but She still fought on bravely regardless of Her own safety, and never gave up holding the tens of thousands of strands of Her silvery hair. Deities and angels were all trying over and over again, nonstop, to immediately reconnect and weave the broken net nodes made of Master’s hair. Seeing all this, I was overwhelmed with sorrow and burst into tears… The vision disappeared. I was heartbroken and hated my being incompetent, not able to share any of Master’s burden, and felt very much ashamed.

My most respected and Beloved Master, You’ve been trying to save humankind at all costs for the sake of ignorant beings on Earth. Wake up, people in the world, and be quick! I pray that the most wonderful Blessings of the whole Universe be sent to my most respected and Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai! May You stay in safety and good health under the protection and Blessings of deities and angels and may all the best things be with You! Respectfully, Le-Wen, Your disciple from China who always loves You!

Serene Le-Wen, We appreciate you relating your profound inner vision. It is our hope that your precious story helps to awaken those who hear it and have not yet embraced the lifesaving vegan diet. Thank You, Beloved Master, for Your myriads of self-sacrificing reincarnations to remind us of our True Self and to take us Home. May Buddha’s Love bless you always and radiate across the land of vast China, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Here are some words of wisdom from Master: “Gentle Le-Wen, the best token of gratitude from a disciple to a Master is the attainment of spiritual elevation. I am glad that you recognize that well. Time is bypassing us faster than we can perceive. We do not have the luxury to sit back and wait for hi-tech inventions to save the world. Humanity must act immediately and turn vegan to avoid catastrophes. May you and your vibrant co-citizens of China be forever heartened by the innocence of our kind animal-people. My love to you always. Do not feel ashamed; this world does not help much in your spiritual endeavor. Just try again as best as possible. Pray God Almighty to Bless you to be stronger in your soul-quest!”

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