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Disruption of the Dairy Industry with Animal Rebellion, Part 1 of 2

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The Animal Think Tank was formed in 2018, when Daniel and like-minded friends wanted to apply social movement theory to build a broad movement for Animal Freedom. Animal Think Tank then set up Animal Rebellion (AR) in May 2019, with the goal of working alongside Extinction Rebellion. Animal Rebellion focuses on bringing about a 'plant-based food system' that would end animal-people exploitation completely. Animal Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion received a Shining World Compassion and Courage Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan), together with a humble contribution of US$50,000 for each organization.

“We have two demands: One, the British government supports farmers and fishing communities to move away from animal farming and fishing as part of an urgent and immediate transition to a plant-based food system. Two, the British government commits to rewild the freed-up land and oceans as part of a broader program of wildlife restoration and carbon draw-down.”

On September 1, 2022, Animal Rebellion released a warning to consumers:“In the first two weeks of September, Animal Rebellion will take nonviolent action to stop the supply of dairy to UK Supermarkets, meaning millions of consumers will be unable to buy dairy milk.”“Currently, governments are subsidizing animal farming and fishing industries to the tune of billions and billions of pounds.” This governmental apathy has resulted in Animal Rebellion’s action-oriented approach, that is, very importantly, non-violent action.

On September 3, 2022, Animal Rebellion protestors entered grocery stores in Southampton, Birmingham, and Manchester, UK. The peaceful protesters sat down in the dairy and animal-people meat aisles holding signs that stated, “PLANT-BASED FUTURE” and “REWILD OUR LAND”.

And to achieve this, they are prepared and brave enough to take direct action. They do not undertake these actions lightly. Rather, they are fully aware of the possible repercussions that await them.
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