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Simple Solution to Block Negative Influence on the Body from Electromagnetic Radiation

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Dear Respected Master, Hallo! Thank You very much for Your sacrifice for the world! While watching the Between Master and Disciples program recently, I saw that You have adopted various protective measures to shield off radiation, and some of these measures were especially hard on You. Based on what I know, there is a simple solution that could possibly help You easily block the negative influence on Your body from electromagnetic radiation, which is the use of a negative ion generator in Your living and working spaces.

Electromagnetic radiation is detrimental to health because it generates positive ions that could disrupt the normal physiological function of the human body. When positive ions combine with harmful gaseous substances in the air to form heavy ions, they become even more harmful to the human body. Fortunately, negative ions are capable of neutralizing these positive ions and making them harmless, thereby protecting people working long hours in an environment rich with electromagnetic radiation.

Most of the anti-radiation stickers currently used on cell phones and computer monitors work under the principle of neutralizing the positive ions with negative ions to minimize or even eliminate the harmful effect of electromagnetic radiation. Besides, negative ions can react to and thus eliminate the harmful gaseous substances. By combining with the positively charged dust particles in the air, negative ions are also capable of purifying the air.

Therefore, simply by retaining plentiful negative ions in our living and working environment, we can avoid the influence from the electromagnetic radiation. One very simple solution is placing an electronic negative ion generator in the room and plugging it in. Then no other more complicated protective measures would be required in daily life.

I hope what I happen to know about negative ions could be somewhat helpful to You, so that You can work more easily and happily. At the same time, I am also grateful to the Supreme Master TV team for their selfless service, and that everyone can work and live in a healthier and safer environment. Fang-Yu from China

Kind Fang-Yu, Thank you for your considerate, informative message and for thinking of our Beloved Master’s health and wellness. She does so much for all beings, so it is wonderful when someone is caring and helpful towards Her.

Master has these loving words for you: “Generous Fang-Yu, thank you, my love, for the kind suggestion. It sounds like an excellent solution to many problems and an easy way to improve health. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and reaching out to be of service. There is so much work for me to do to help the world that my time is limited, and I don’t have a chance to look into things for my own well-being. It touches my heart that you took the time to write just to help me. It may also help others who watch our TV. I feel your love! May you and the well-informed Chinese people forever follow the Divine guidance of the Buddhas.”
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