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Seeing in Meditation Experiences Great Master’s Various Efforts to Save the World

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Hallo, Dear Master Ching Hai and the Supreme Master TV team, I thank You for all Your efforts for each and every creature in the world, and for saving us from darkness and evil. In different meditation experiences, I have seen Your various efforts to save the world, and I want to share them here, so everybody knows about them. Thank You for allowing me to see some glimpses of Your greatness.

1. Once, I saw that Master put Her hand on Her clothes and touched Her side, which was badly injured, and when She took Her hand away, it was full of blood, which was created in the fight with the karma of the world. But She did not pay attention to Her pain at all.

2. Another time, I saw Master as a giant dragonfly, the size of a third of the Earth, with Her wings spread. While She was in the final battle with the karma of the world, She managed to save about a third, or a quarter, of the planet, and then at the end, Master fell to the ground from exhaustion. (I later discovered that the dragonfly is a symbol of sacrifice in spiritual experiences.)

3. In another vision, I saw that the karma of the world was in the form of a huge, very heavy, red iron truck. Master was in the form of a small, winged fairy. She, along with three other winged fairies attached themselves to the truck with a rope. They were pulling that truck. It seemed to me that the other three fairies were perhaps Master’s manifestation bodies. The other three fairies completely gave up and were just watching, as if they had no strength to move the truck. Although it seemed that the truck did not move at all, Master still did not give up. She was sweating and tired, but still trying hard, using all Her Power (to move the truck).

4. Another time, I saw Master on the battlefield in Ukraine. Her body was huge, the size of many tall towers. Master was at war with the Russian forces and all the enemy equipment was burning. She wrapped a rope around a helicopter and the helicopter was on fire. Compared to Master’s size, the helicopter was as big as Her palm. On the other side, I saw Putin sitting on the top of the valley of the battlefield and in front of the waging war with his head down and hugging his knees. Due to his great sorrow, he couldn’t look at the results of his actions and looked very depressed and sad.

5. Another time, I saw Master put a cool glass [of water] on Her eyes, so that the coolness of the glass would reduce the pain of Her eyes. And She put a cool handkerchief on Her eyes to ease the pain. My impression was that Her eyes were swollen and sore because of crying a lot.

My dear Master, the Ultimate Savior, You are the only one in the entire Universe who volunteered to come to this dark and heavy karma planet to help us, humans. I pray to God to empower us, all of Your disciples, to have this noble goal like You until the last moment of our lives, and not to disappoint You. And I pray that the Almighty, the Godses, and Heavens give You many times more power so that You can liberate more ignorant souls. I hope that God has mercy on us and keeps us away from the hellfire in the hope that one day the celebration of peace will embrace our Earth and the morning breeze at the dawn of peace will heal Master’s tired body. With much love, respect, and humility, Donya from Iran

Knowing Donya, We appreciate you recounting the inner spiritual visions you have had of our most Beloved Master, so hard at work behind the veils of ignorance to save human and animal-people lives. In the Grace of the Universe, may we see Master’s dream for a Paradise on Earth quickly come true and may you and heartened Iran forever know Divine bliss and contentment. In Celestial Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies to you with these wise words: “Empowered Donya, as so many of the individuals in this world continue to err, forgetting their Highest Self and their noble origin, we have to do everything we can to guide the lost souls back to the safety of the Divine. My Love to you, and may you and the radiant Iranian people be infinitely blessed by Allah’s boundless Benevolence.” 

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