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Vegan Chef Nicole Derseweh’s Vegan Recipes, Part 2 of 2 – Vegan Ketogenic Cauliflower Fried Rice

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“Hi, I’m Chef Nicole here, author of ‘The Vegan Ketogenic Diet Book,’ and I’m going to be cooking an incredible recipe from my cookbook. Eating ketogenicly means; that we’re putting the body into ketosis by not eating grains, carbohydrates, or any sugars that would spike our insulin levels. Getting the body to burn fat, reducing inflammation, and increasing our recovery time for athletes or people that train in sports. So it’s very popular, but a lot of people don’t know that it can actually be done plant-based, and the health benefits increase by at least double fold.”

“The first thing is to put together our vegan egg. And once you have drained the water and pressed your tofu, you’re just going to crumble it up. This is going to create kind of like a scrambled egg texture that you would usually find in fried rice. And to replace the fat in an egg yolk, we’re using tahini, a sesame paste. A little bit more turmeric because I like kind of a brighter color. It’s a really anti-inflammatory, detoxifying spice for the body. We’re going to add also some carrots, great beta carotene, really healthy for the eyes.

Now everything is prepped, so we’re going to start cooking it. Heat up a frying pan. I’m going to add the ginger first. Our ginger is already becoming fragrant, we’re going to add in our carrots now. Once our carrots start to become slightly tender yet still crisp in a few minutes, we’re just going to go ahead and add in our fresh peas. Beautiful. And add a little bit of your soy sauce or tamari. Smelling so good already. And now, a little bit of sesame oil is just going to be very fragrant and create a nice flavor for our dish. They should become tender in just a few minutes; a little pinch of black pepper. One more toss. Gorgeous. Now we’re going to add in our tofu egg that we created.

OK, and now I’m going to add in my cauliflower rice. Toss it properly. You want to have the cauliflower very well infused in this dish. Season it with a little bit more of our tamari or soy sauce. It basically cooks up in just a couple of minutes; just turning off my flame here. And add in the fresh spinach. The spinach gives this dish a nice iron boost. And you’ll give it a good toss. Look how colorful this dish is. Now it’s time to plate.”

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