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Music for the Soul with Ian Haywood (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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The beautiful and soothing piano music we just heard is titled “Tiché Místo,” which means “A Quiet Place” in Czech. The piece is composed and performed by Ian Haywood, a highly versatile musician from Essex, England. With decades of experience in writing and performing music and songs, Ian has produced several albums ranging from nature-inspired piano solos to modern instrumental arrangements and meditative melodies.

Outside the world of relaxing piano music, Ian performs under a different guise; that of a reggae musician known as “BFriendly.” Through his musical talents, Ian expresses his support for the vegan lifestyle, his love for the animal-people, concerns for the fate of our world, and hope for a brighter future through meaningful lyrics. "And you ask me why I’m vegan? Well its simple My zone is cruelty free and I hope you will join with me."

“'Inspired by Nature' was my first album. It is an album of pretty piano tunes, a little bit of relaxation meditation in there." The piano piece we just heard is from Ian’s second album, “The Beautiful Dream,” called “Air de Mor.” In this album, Ian mixed a few more instruments with piano.

"The first year of my residence in Cornwall, one day I was on a clifftop at Botallack Mine, which is in the Southwest of Cornwall. I just remember sitting there and I was gazing out to sea and something happened. I had never felt before. It was just like, I was just part of the Universe. It was just like, I wasn’t really there. I was suddenly everything and everywhere. That’s what it felt like to me. It was absolutely amazing feeling. And I believe there was a time anomaly. I think I’d been there 40 minutes or something and it felt like five, it was just such a weird experience. And so later on, that experience stayed with me, and I decided to start exploring meditation. This is why I'm looking to relate music with the album 'Thoughts, Dreams and Mindstreams.'"

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