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The Real Signs of Heavens’ Warning for Humans to Change, June 25, 2022

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Baca Lebih Lanjut

The Supreme Court cannot even forbid the whole thing, but at least every state can do what they want now. Like, many states that wanted an anti-abortion law, now they can go ahead. (Yes, Master.) And who knows? Slowly other states will follow suit. (Oh, yes, hopefully. Hopefully soon.)

Host: On Saturday, June 25, 2022, our Most Caring Supreme Master Ching Hai called once again to graciously check on Supreme Master Television team members and share some recent good news from the United States and the European Union. She also highlighted some disturbing happenings around the globe to alert humanity that Heaven is beginning to destroy the world as consequence of our immoral conduct.

Oh, I want to talk to you because we had some good news today. It’s good enough. You know this abortion law in America? (Yes, Master.) That was allowed under Roe v. Wade. (Yes, Master.) And now they changed it. (Yes. Wonderful.)

“Media Report from NBC News – June 24, 2022 Reporter (m): In this historic decision, the Supreme Court has now overturned Roe v. Wade, and the follow-on case called Casey, in which the abortion right was made nationwide. Those two rulings stood for the proposition that states could not ban abortion before the age of viability. They could restrict it during that period up to about 23 weeks, but they couldn’t ban it. So, the immediate effect of this will be to uphold the Mississippi law that would ban abortion after 15 weeks. But this also now means that in roughly half the country, abortion is as of now, or soon will be illegal. Thirteen states have what are called ‘trigger laws’ that were intended to make abortion illegal in those states once the Supreme Court reached this decision. In a few of those states, the law takes effect immediately, in some they have to wait for the state attorney general to certify that this is what the Supreme Court has done. That’s 13 states in which abortion will shortly be illegal. And in the rest of the, up to about half the states, they are expected soon to make it illegal.”

“Mendon, Illinois, United States – June 25, 2022 Donald Trump (m): Yesterday, the court handed down a victory for the constitution. A victory for the rule of law, and above all a victory for life. This breakthrough is the answer to the prayers of millions and millions of people, and these prayers have gone on for decades. For decades and decades, they’ve been praying, and now those prayers have been answered to the generations of Americans, in the pro-life movement as well as countless constitutional conservatives. Your boundless love, sacrifice and devotion has finally been rewarded in full. Congratulations. And thanks to the courage found within the United States Supreme Court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states, and by the American people. That’s the way it should have been many, many years ago, and that’s the way it is now.”

Before, it was difficult for any state to… I read in the news. It was difficult for any state to forbid abortion. Like Texas, they did not let the abortion law apply to them, so they forbid abortion. And some people can sue them or protest back and forth. It’s a lot of trouble. Right now in this way, Texas can just give this anti-abortion law a very good, solid foundation. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master. That’s great.) It means, they can do it now, there is no need to wait for the Supreme Court or no need to wait for somebody to sue them or not sue them, whatever. (Yes, Master.)

But that still is not complete. I was so happy. I was thinking, “Oh, like this, all the states in America, every state will have no more abortion.” (Yes.) But it’s not like that. The Supreme Court cannot even forbid the whole thing, but at least every state can do what they want now. Like, many states that wanted an anti-abortion law, now they can go ahead. (Yes, Master.) But maybe some states that don’t want an anti-abortion law, then they can also do that even. (Yes, Master.) It’s sad, but at least many states will have this anti-abortion law. (Yes, Master.) And who knows? Slowly other states will follow suit. (Oh, yes, hopefully. Hopefully soon.) Well, at least some. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from KHOU – June 25, 2022 Reporter (f): The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe Vs Wade now has roughly half of all states poised to ban or drastically restrict abortion, but it won’t happen all at once. Let’s start with a look at so-called ‘trigger laws’. Thirteen states have them on the books. They are intended to automatically ban or severely weaken abortion access, as soon as Roe is overturned. As you can see on this map, we’ve got Texas, we’ve got Louisiana and Arkansas – just some of the states that have these trigger laws. Texas’ trigger law: House Bill 1280 was signed by Governor Abbot last year. It will automatically ban abortions and Texas doctors could face life in prison, or a $100,000 fine for performing them. Now in some states, these laws will activate as soon as a designated state official certifies the court’s decision. That can happen within minutes. In other states, the laws will go into effect within the next 30 days.”

“Media Report from NBC News – June 26, 2022 Reporter (f): Following the Supreme Court decision Friday, abortion is no longer legal in these nine states, and in at least three others, providers have stopped services for fear of prosecution, with the laws still uncertain.

Lady (f): It’s a win for unborn children.

Reporter (f): In Arkansas, doctors who perform the procedure could now face up to ten years in prison. In neighboring Louisiana, all three abortion clinics in the state have ceased operations. Angie Thomas had been working toward that moment for years.

Angie Thomas (f): We are so thankful for this day in history where we as a state get to protect our unborn children and help moms.”

“Media Report from CNBC News – June 25, 2022 Nina (f): I’m excited. You can see the celebration, but we all know this is not where the work ends – this is where it begins, because, anyone you can ask, this is what we’ll be working for for the rest of our lives – to make abortion illegal, unthinkable and unnecessary.”

“Media Report from KOIN 6 – June 25, 2022 Lois Anderson (f): We deserve protection, we deserve the right to life. And the ability to preserve the right to life of children before they’re born has been returned to the people, and that is a right and just decision.”

At least some children will be saved. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Not 70 million every year like that. (Right.) It’s terrible. America’s population is already dwindling, like many of the well-to-do countries. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Nowadays people don’t feel like this cumbersome work, taking care of babies and children anymore. (Yes, Master.)

It’s not just about enlarging the population, but it’s very good karma for America. So, it will balance out some of the disasters that might befall this country if people don’t continue killing innocent babies the way they did before. So, it’s a good news. (Yes, Master.) […]

So, that’s the only good news that I tell you. (Thank You, Master.) But it’s a good news, that’s why we have to share it. (Yes, Master. Very good news.) […]

But I’m telling you. Do you want to know how many bad news I have? (How many bad news do You have, Master?) For the 23rd of June, I have at least 13 bad news. All bad news. (Oh. Gosh.) And the 24th, similar. 25th, I have only up to eight, because I didn’t have time anymore to continue further. (Yes, Master.) I read it to you, so you know. […]

And this is only from those countries and from those areas that you can even have news from. There are many corners in the world where there is no news. (Yes.) No internet, no connection, no telephone. So, whatever bad news there, you don’t even know. (Right, Master. Yes.) […]

I read it to you. Don’t be too sad. (Yes, Master.) This is just one day. The reason I never collected all the bad news together like this, not intentionally, is just that recently, you know already that Heaven wants to destroy the world. (Yes, Master.) And They even told me which type. Because I argued. I said you can’t just kill at random. (Yes. Right, Master.)

I cannot spill too much out. Sorry. So, I checked out, I just wanted to see whether or not what They told me is what it is. (Yes, Master.) And I saw some of it. It’s a real sign of what They have told me. (Wow. Oh.) The beginning of it, wherever I can get the news. (Yes, Master.) […]

23rd, this is all I read to you. (Yes, Master.)

Number 1: “Thousands of cows die altogether all at once in the heat in Kansas.” I don’t know if this ever happened before. (Wow.) They just died all in one go. (Wow.)

Number 2: “The boat ignited on fire, just like that.”

“Media from Inside Edition – June 21, 2022 Diane (f): Everything was just burning so fast – so fast! We had to jump.

Reporter (f): Diane and Kitt Watson and the first mate Jarrod Tubbs live on the beautiful 70-foot yacht named ‘Too Elusive,’ or at least they did before it was consumed in an inferno. They were heading to port in New Hampshire when the blaze broke out. They knew they had to save themselves, and their dogs, Pahma and Nancy.

Kitt (m): We grabbed the dogs, jumped off and swam away.

Diane (f): That’s it.

Kitt (m): We did the best we could.

Reporter (f): Did you guys think in those moments you could lose your lives?

Diane (f): Yes.

Kitt (m): Oh, yeah.

Jared (m): Oh, yeah. 100%.

Diane (f): Absolutely, absolutely.”

I just write short for myself. (Yes, Master.) […]

Number 3: “Fishing boat sinks, just in seconds.” (Oh. Wow.) Yeah. They went out from the shore and the water came in, just like that. (Wow.) Broke the little edge of the boat and came in, just sank in seconds. I saw it in the video. (Oh.) All this I saw, of course, in a video or in the news. (Yes, Master.) It’s not in my vision. I don’t like any of this in my vision.

Number 4: “Multi Russian generals, colonels died in Ukraine war.” Well, that was before, but they repeat it again here. (Yes, Master.) I guess there are some more colonels and generals died, so they repeat it to say, “Oh now, there’s one more or two more,” like that. (Yes, Master.)

Number 5: “Multi hits, but mostly missed.” These Russians are firing their missiles, but mostly missed. (Yes, Master.) But still, it’s not good, is it?

Number 6: “Deadliest quake in two decades killed a thousand-plus Afghanistan people.” (Oh.) Well, I told them to send some financial help, but I haven’t heard back yet, whether or not they can send. (Yes, Master. Understand.) It’s also a difficult country. (Yes, Master.) It’s not easy nowadays even, also because of the pandemic. (Yes. Right.)

Like, I also sent some financial help to India, for example, because they had floods. India and Bangladesh. Both. Millions of people have to be relocated, because of the deadly flood recently. (Yes, Master.) […]

“Media Report from AFP News Agency – June 22, 2022 Tyeb (m): That’s my house. The water was flowing over the roof earlier, but now it’s receding. It tore down the doors, windows and fences.

Joban (m): I have never seen this type of flood in my life. The 2004 flood was big but not like this one. My house is still waist deep under water.”

I sent some financial help. Your brothers and sisters they received the money and they said they could go out to do it. Although I did not know if the government would let them because of the pandemic. (Right. Yes.) The pandemic spikes up again. That’s the thing. That’s another bad news. Even though I didn’t write it here. (Yes, Master.) So, I read only on the 23rd of June.

Number 8: “Sun flares are getting stronger and stronger.” (Oh. Wow.) Scientists report it. I make it all short. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like a big report.

Number 9: “Nigeria flood swept away homes.” A lot of homes. (Wow.)

Number 10: “Some planes are damaged. Airbus-Qatar dispute.” They’re arguing about the planes, the damages. Maybe the planes are not good. Not done well or something. (Oh.) […] Qatar, I think they have some problem with each other or something. Because the planes are damaged. They’re not as good as supposed to be for using. (Oh.) It’s dangerous if the plane is not in good condition. (Yes.) If you sell or buy it and if you use it when it’s not good quality, then you’ll be in danger. (Yes.) I guess that’s what it is. […]

Number 11: “At Miami airport, the plane just touched down and then burst into fire.” (Oh.) Just like that. The landing gear kaput. But that shouldn’t be. Oh, maybe that’s why the airplane touched the runway and that’s why it sparked the fire. (Yes, Master.)

Number 12: “There’s a Wing virus that threatens bees worldwide.” Imagine? Bees are very important to us. (Yes, Master.) It threatens them worldwide. (Wow.) […]

Number 13: “Ivory Coast flood left people with nothing.” (Wow.) […]

Number 14: “Cuba storm gives Cuban people a housing crisis.” One of the disasters again.

And then, Number 15: This is not really bad news but, what I mean is, bad news because I am observing.

Like, Putin, some presidents have a person next to them who always carries a briefcase. In that briefcase, there are secret codes to control nuclear power. (Wow. Yes.) He’s shot and in critical condition. (Oh.) Just like that. Shot in his home. Did not even go out anywhere. Wow.

President Macron, he lost in two elections for his party. Not he lost, but his party, the important loss. Imagine that. Who told him to go against Ukraine? (Right. Yes, Master.) Maybe people don’t like that because they don’t like Putin. They don’t like the war in Ukraine. (Right. Yes, Master.) And if he says something, even the slightest hint that is against the principle, then people don’t like it. It says in the news they punished Macron by voting for the other party. (Oh.) So now, Macron doesn’t have the majority in the parliament. (Yes.) So, he lost. It’s bad for him. (Yes, Master.) Not that he lost the presidency but he lost his power. (Yes.) Because in parliament or the House, you need a majority in order to pass many of your agendas. (Yes. Right.)

There are another two mystery explosions in Russia. Just exploded. Maybe they are important buildings. Just exploded and burned. (Oh. Wow.) That happened before already and now it’s a new one. Two new ones. Mysterious explosions. They don’t know why, what caused them. What’s the use even if you know? Exploded anyway. (Yes, Master.)

This is still June 23rd. “Italy big river dries up.” And it even revealed an old ship that was wrecked at the bottom. (Wow.) A long time already, they didn’t know. Now it’s revealed.

June 24. “UN warns of world starvation.” Probably they repeat it. Here. That’s number 1.

Number 2: “Small banks in China running into trouble.” That results in savers, the people who save money with them, “could lose everything.” (Yes.) […]

Number 3:Aftershock in Afghanistan killed more people. So, the whole death toll rises to 1,150 or maybe more.” (Yes, Master.)

Number 4: “Russia makes gain. Could see tactical victory soon.” That’s bad for Ukraine. (Yes.)

Number 5: “Russian military plane just crashed. Five dead.” This is a big military cargo plane. Just crashed. Five people died. Who told them to go to Ukraine to kill people? (True.) (Yes, Master.) It just crashed like that. So, many things, of course, destroyed as well. Those cargos. (Yes, Master.) Not just five people died, but I guess many things also were all damaged or gone. […] Normally, Russian-made things are very sturdy. They are famous for that. How can it just crash like that? (Yes. Yes, Master.)

That’s Heaven’s doing. (Yes, Master. Ah.) How can it crash just like that? (Yes, Master.) Just like many news before that the Russians cannot hit the target. (Yes.) Because it just didn’t hit well, so they blamed the Russian soldiers, like they don’t have enough talent or ability. But it’s not like that. It’s all Heaven’s doing. (Yes, Master. Right. Yes.) That’s why they keep bombing, bombing all the time, hoping that one or two will hit. It does. Some of them hit. So many of the cities are ruined.

Number 6 now: Even there are two countries, they are different worlds. Very distant. But Lebanon and Sri Lanka share the same fate, economic collapse. (Yes, Master.)

Number 7: “Many villages in Suriname were waiting for aid, because there were unprecedented floods also over there.” (Wow.) Oh, God.

And there was anger in China because there was bad treatment of women.

Number 8 now: “Afghanistan aftershock. Now they don’t have food. Very fearful of cholera.” (Oh.)

Number 9: “North Korea strengthens their military force, and mentioning more deadly weapons,” maybe like nuclear. (Oh.) I did not write the whole thing. I wrote it very short. Like, preparing for war. (Yes, Master.)

There’s a person, who was appointed as the head of the Kherson area. In a blast, he’s dead. He’s supposed to be in charge of Kherson. And he just died in the blast. (Wow.) Heaven’s doing again. (Yes, Master.) […]

And, in Mexico, there were two Jesuit priests. Jesuit – just like p. Francis. (Yes.) Two Jesuit priests killed in Mexico. (Oh.) Maybe bad priests. Just the two of them. But why the Jesuits? (Yes, Master.) They were killed in Mexico.

Europe travel is a mess. Probably, a problem with traveling. One road was shelled by Russia. It’s not good news. All bad news. Even bad or good, it’s mostly bad. All in just one day. (Wow.) […]

The only good news on the 25th is the anti-abortion law. (Yes, Master.) That’s it. And the rest now, number two, that was number one, good news.

Number two, Russia threatens Moldova again because they are joining the EU now. (Yes.) And they were accepted already as candidates for EU membership. Moldova and Ukraine are granted candidacy for EU membership. (That’s wonderful. Wow. Yes.) Because Ukraine almost fulfilled all the conditions already. 70 something percent is already done. (Yes.) Just some little things, but they said that can be done soon, so it doesn’t matter. And Moldova is also accepted now. (That’s great. Yes. Wonderful.) But that is thanks to Russia. And now they are threatening them. (Yes, Master.) All this time Moldova is not in. And now, because Russia invaded Ukraine, so Ukraine became also a candidate for EU. And will soon become a member. (Yes, Master.) Moldova is also accepted. But Russia threatened them. Russia threatens everywhere nowadays anyway, whether you join or not join. (Yes, Master.) And it’s not the first time that Russia invaded Ukraine even, so before there was no NATO or nothing. (Yes.) […] Russia invaded everywhere, anyway. Wherever they want to. And whenever they feel like they got bored, and have nothing to do. So, it’s ‘no excuses.’ (Yes, Master.) So today, they report the same thing again.

And there was a truck, they tied on top of a trailer to bring away somewhere and then it broke away from the trailer and was spraying all over on the street. (Oh. Oh, gosh.) Just like that. It’s just one of those bad news. Small news, but bad news. (Yes, Master.)

Number 4: “Plane lands aflame in Miami.” That’s on the 24th, we have already. Today they repeated again. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they repeat the same thing. (Oh.) […]

Number 5: “Fire destroys homes, destroys the island of Evia in Greece.” (Oh.) Fires everywhere.

And number 6: “Ukraine has to retreat from Severodonesk.” Because the Russians were overwhelming them. (Too bad.) They don’t have enough manpower, they don’t have enough weapons. They say for every one missile that Ukraine fired out, there were ten returned from Russia. (Oh, my gosh.) So, they cannot always afford it. (Yes, Master.) Once you fire your missile, maybe you give away your position. (Right.) That even. So, if you don’t have enough power to cover yourself then the enemy will overwhelm you. So, they were ordered to retreat. The soldiers did not want, but the upper government told them to retreat because they don’t want them to die too much there anymore. It’s been long fighting over there, that area. (Yes, Master.)

Number 7: “There was a man just walking in his yard and a big tree fell on him and he died.” (Oh.) That was after a storm. It’s in America. After the storm, maybe that tree did not fall down yet and waited for him to go under there and fell down and killed him.

Number 8: “There’s an underwater volcano that could cause huge tsunami for Italy.” (Wow.) Remember one time in Tonga, there was also an underwater volcano. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) And it broke out and then Tonga suffered a big destruction. (Right.) And then normally up to that day, they’d never had any COVID-19. (Yes.) And after the international aid was brought in for them, because the island was much destroyed, then they began to have COVID. (Oh, my gosh.)

There’s some bad news like: “Ukraine reports massive attack from Belarus.” I told you already, Russia has different armies from different countries. (Yes, Master.) And Ukraine is alone. It’s not fair. (Gosh.) Terrible.

And many other bad news. But we will just make some of the international ones. (Yes, Master.)

“Auschwitz Museum says that it is also being used like propaganda for Russia.”

But there’s also some strange news like, “Russian air defense system suffers epic malfunction.” (Oh.) A video shows that. And also, “Pro-Russian militants say that they have taken Ukrainian fortified positions.” (Oh, no.)

And the earthquake in Afghanistan is making trouble for the Taliban because they have a hard time to respond to the earthquake victims because of international isolation as well. (Oh, yes, gosh.)

But some good news from Ukraine like, “The Ukrainians destroyed some of the Russian combat instruments like tanks and ammunition.” (Yes, Master.) And also, “Ukrainian special forces work with artillery units, take out Russian forces.” So, they gain here and they lose there. (Yes, Master.)

The “G7 must act to help tackle global hunger crisis.” The German UN Food Agency said something like that. (Yes, Master.)

“Some people have to drive through Russia to escape the Ukraine war.”

And “World leaders are facing crises on all fronts. Putin will be watching if they fail.” (Oh.)

And some “Ukraine farm animals burned alive in Russian bombing.” Oh, God! Poor animal-people! Oh, God! Oh!

“In the UK and mainland Europe, there are fresh transport strikes.” (Yes, Master.) All this, only bad news.

And “Germany ends Nazi-era abortion ad law.” (Oh.) I will check it out, probably abortion advertisement. They will allow that. (Yes, Master.)

“Op-Ed: Ukraine suffers, but Putin and Russia will be the loser.” Some positive opinions. (Yes, Master. Sounds true.) Hope so.

“Oslo police believe mass shooting that killed 2 and injured 10 was terror attack.” It’s everywhere, just shooting, shooting. (Yes, Master.) There’s not one day gone by that I don’t see any shooting news on the screen of the internet.

“Russia pushes to block second city in eastern Ukraine.”

There’s another shooting at a gay bar here. (Oh.) Oh, God. Injured 21 and killed two. Oh, terrible.

And there is, “Putin’s top priest collapses during Russian Church ceremony.” (Oh, wow.) Must be a bad one.

And the Washington Post says something like, an assessment from Western countries, saying, “Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities.” So optimistic. They said that even though there is a Russian advance, it’s likely to stall during the coming weeks as “Putin dealt blow.”

This is, “Ukrainians fire three large tactical ballistic missiles at Russian forces, ammo depots.” This is from Metro press agent.

“Russia hit with a series of unexplained explosions as two fireballs cause mass blackout.” They always have some mysterious explosions. Nobody knows why and where from. (Yes.)

“The Ukrainians’ American-made rockets blast the Russians for the first time.” Well, there are some good news and bad news for Ukraine. (Yes, Master.)

And there’s some good news here: “One hundred million dollar World Bank loan approved to resolve malnutrition in Philippines.” (Wow.)

Somebody here is saying that “Foreign chief Locsin says no more joint exploration of oil with China.”

Russian air force struggling in Ukraine because of combat problem. That’s it.

And then it comes back to the small news here from my mobile phone.

“Kremlin officials see that NATO is preparing for war with Russia.” “Ukrainian sappers remove bomb from Kharkiv block.”

That is that for now. I haven’t the time to read more than that. Every day our world doesn’t seem to be a peaceful era at all. (No, it doesn’t, Master.) Even some good news is also from the war. (Yes.) And from hunger, from problems. (Yes, always sad.) Even if problem solving, there is a problem there. (Yes, Master.) Bad things and good things are just together somehow. (Yes, Master.) We never can have all good things in this world. And that’s just two and a half days that I looked into the Internet. There’s so many bad news like that! All bad news! (Yes, Master. It’s a lot.) Many other news are also bad news. (Yes, Master.) Or just nothing to be happy about. I did not have time to write all that down. But even just that is enough already for you to know what kind of world we live in. In two and a half days, so much bad news like that. (Yes, Master.) […]

Every time I send you news, I only send those that I think are good ones. Because news, they sometimes also develop. Sometimes they say something, but that’s in the early stage of the matter. Later they report updated. (Yes, Master.) Then I will send you the updated. […] We don’t support fake news, and I mean that. You know that. (Yes, Master.)

So, now this monkeypox is new, and they consider to announce it to the world, the World Health Organization, whether or not to announce that it’s an emergency already. (Yes, Master.) In the beginning, they said it’s only transmitted in some remote corner, maybe Africa or something like that. But it’s updated, updated all the time. (Yes, Master.) And lately it’s all over already. It’s not just in Africa or that remote corner anymore. And they even discovered that it’s airborne. And then, for example, I said that people should wear masks. This is in the news like that. (Yes, Master.)

And then the scientists also discovered that the monkeypox now changed their attitude, changed their quality, changed their strategy, so now it’s airborne even. So that is why they recommended masks. Before they said that it’s only through touching, or close contact, physical contact. And now they found it’s not just that. (Yes, Master.) They changed, just like COVID-19 has mutated. Now they found it’s different. The scientists don’t know why the monkeypox changed, they still don’t know yet. (Yes.) But they say it is airborne.

I wanted really this news, the news about monkeypox to come out as early as possible, so people can take care. (Yes, Master.) Wear masks or whatever, or don’t touch, or don’t go near sick people, stuff like that. They will be more careful.

The American Center for Disease Control, you know how harmful they have been to American citizens already. The CDC. They always say this, say that and the other, always changing – all these last two years about the pandemic.

“Media Report from Blaze TV – Jan. 6, 2022 Stu Burguiere (m): It doesn’t seem like these changes come from a position of science. They (CDC) change it to five days, and now they want to add a testing requirement after getting pressure from other groups. Pressure is supposed to be what science is supposed to ignore. It’s not supposed to have anything to do with pressure.

Drew Holden (m): Exactly. And Stu, most of this pressure is coming from pretty well-heeled financially and politically powerful organizations. We saw almost overnight, a handful of organizations and then a lot of media people putting a little bit of pressure on a rule that they don’t like, almost instantly forces the science to then correct itself.

Stu Burguiere (m): The CDC is really setting a new standard for incompetence.”

Maybe you have not seen all that news but I have. I informed myself. I have to. (Yes, Master.) I want to take care of you. That’s also one point, one main point of it. I have to show what's going on.

And who got COVID now? Tell me. Mr. who? (Fauci.) Yeah. He got COVID. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) So much for the golden advice. Harming so many Americans already, telling them to get vaccines, and then make the government, not just endorse, but enforce. (Yes, Master.) So, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs because they didn’t want the vaccine, because they know so much other information. (Yes, Master.) Maybe some also misinformation, but some not – some news that they suppressed. I have read that Pfizer knows that it’s harmful, and not effective, but still did not openly announce it to the world. I read one news that was quickly deleted after. (Yes, Master.) […]

And there was a news also that one-third of Americans should wear masks. I didn't make it all up. I wanted the people to know the news, also. The public. So, whoever wants to protect themselves can try. (Yes, Master, understand.) And if they don’t want, I can’t force them. But if I know something good for them, I should tell them. (Yes, Master.) […]

And this head is controversial, and has done so much harm already. And then, there are leaking news, saying that Fauci is the one who spearheaded the experiments of this COVID-19 virus in China. They financed it. (Yes, Master. Oh, wow.)

“Media Report from Fox News – Oct. 30, 2021 Reporter (f): The NIH (National Institutes of Health) providing documents to the House of Representatives showing that the NIH did fund gain of function research in Wuhan.”

So, after the news of COVID leaked out, that laboratory burnt out, moved away, and no trace was left. If there’s nothing, they wouldn’t have done that. (Yes, Master.) It maybe has something to do with it – somehow. (Yes, Master.) So much for believing in these people. […] They still keep investigating. Even up to not long ago, they investigated and still the news kept surfacing. We can say maybe the news is not correct. Maybe Fauci didn’t do it – maybe they did not finance a China laboratory to create this kind of virus, and then it leaked out by chance. (Yes, Master.) But some of the scientists have said that themselves also, that they knew it. They saw it with their own eyes. Because they know the genome from the lab there, and the genome of COVID. Identical. (Yes, Master.) But of course, they shut her up. They shut her boss up also. Her boss even told her, “Don’t say anything. Don’t say anything.” (Yes.) And these are only two cases that leaked out. There are other people who you can never chase. (Yes, Master.) You might never know who they are and where they went already.

So, even if we think so, we cannot always believe everything the news says. Maybe that’s not true news. But, how can you believe everything that the CDC or Fauci says when it all went wrong? (Yes, Master.) And you can see it already. It’s not I who said it. People are vaccinated – three times, and boosted again – two times. Still sick and die! Or have complications. (Yes, Master.) So, I’m not saying anything just because of the news. I have been observing it. And, of course, the news is just to prove it. (Yes, Master.) […]

So, this is the latest. The updated latest. That monkeypox is airborne and you should wear a mask anyway. If it’s airborne, you should wear a mask. That’s simple. No matter if I say it or not, or who says. (Yes, Master.) What do you do with the airborne? You have to cover. No? (Yes. That’s right.) And then the CDC goes ahead and says no need masks. Again? How many more people does he want to kill, this guy? (Wow. Yes.) He himself already got COVID, just to prove that he’s so wise, and he knows everything, how to protect. I’m telling you. […]

Even if all the news that I told you right now about the monkeypox is airborne, and you should wear a mask, it will do you no harm. (Yes. That’s true, Master.) It does nobody harm. (Yes, Master.) It will do them good only. Because the pandemic and every other virus are all around still, and it’s spiking again now. (Yes.)

The pandemic is spiking up everywhere, even in Taiwan (Formosa). It used to be better before. Now if I look at the news, 100-something people die in Taiwan (Formosa) every day. And tens of thousands of new cases. (Yes, Master.) It’s terrible. Oh, God.

But humans brought it upon themselves. Nowadays, there’s so much information everywhere, they just probably don’t look at it. They just watch TV, whatever news they like, or watch those movies. (Yes, Master.) Because they work hard every day, and they come home, they don’t want to think, they can’t think anymore – no time. So, if they have time, they just watch some quick news, and then just watch a movie, or maybe, like, drop dead in between already, on the sofa or anything. (Yes, Master.) Oh, God.

So, it’s very difficult to lead humans into a better kind of life. (Yes, Master.) Because life in this world is already too demanding on the physical strength and mental ability. (Yes, Master.) They are tired from all sides – mental, physical, psychological; anything. Anything. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I just feel so sorry for humans. They’re just all trapped, all trapped. Some people have to work two, three jobs, to make ends meet, for their family. (Yes, Master.) Terrible. They don’t have enough time to sleep, just a couple of hours, or three, four hours. If they have debt, then that’s it. They have to work like that all their life. (Yes, Master.) If they have also many children, and they don’t have enough income, then they have to do that, all their life. Until the children grow big, then maybe they stop working so hard. They still continue working, because of the house mortgage. (Oh, yes.) Car insurance and petrol and nowadays gas prices skyrocket because of the war. (Yes, Master.)

The war even interferes with farming in other countries like Brazil, they don’t have fertilizer. They’re complaining about that. (Yes, Master.) And many African countries don’t have food.

“Media Report from The Economist – May 17, 2022 Reporter (m): Every day the war lasts, world food supplies are damaged.

Edward (m): It could affect hundreds of millions of the world’s most vulnerable people and all across the world. About 80% of Egypt’s grain comes from Ukraine and Russia, and that’s 100 million people in Egypt. There are 90 million people in the Congo and about 70% of their grain comes from Ukraine and Russia.”

“Media Report from CBC Canada – June 13, 2022 Amin (m): Prices in the world are going up. We see in some countries up to 13% of inflation. We see shortages of food in many parts of the world, especially in the Sahel of Africa, the Horn of Africa and other populous countries.”

“Media Report from CNN – June 8, 2022 Michael (m): The region that I’m overseeing, Eastern and Africa in the Horn, this time last year, we estimated there were 50 million people acutely food-insecure, acutely hungry. Today, that figure is up at 84 million. So, 34 million people additionally. It’s not all because of the war, but it’s the combination of conflicts in places like Tigray and Somalia. It’s the effects of climate change. We’ve got the worst drought in 40 years in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Then, of course there is the macroeconomic impact of COVID, which has decimated economies across the region. And now, we have the war in Ukraine, which is accelerating the levels of hunger and malnutrition across the region.”

“Media Report from CBC Canada – June 13, 2022 Amin (m): Between fuel, energy, food and finance, there is a combined crisis that the world is feeling, seeing, and it needs to be addressed and addressed quickly.”

Starvation everywhere and on top of that, drought. Or bad, unprecedented floods. Either very dry or flooding like that. (Yes, Master.) What kind of world is this? And people still can continue to live on.

Wow. Truly, humans are so strong. Strong but just for not very noble and not very helpful purposes. (Yes, Master.) Just to work and earn money and have to spend it on meat and then after meat, spend it on hospital and medicine. (Right. Yes, Master.) Because the meat makes you sick and the alcohol also to boot. (Yes.) And/or cigarettes and drugs. Oh, that’s it. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t help you to eat meat, to drink alcohol, because you will spend it on hospital and doctors. (Oh, yes.) And suffering as well. […]

Not one day goes by without any bad news. Like mass shootings anywhere. (Yes.) Ten people die, 20 people die, or two, three, four people die from shootings. (Yes.) Or car accidents or fall into a ditch or sink holes. Or the flood took away the whole house, fell into a river and everything with it, and also sometimes people’s lives in it as well. (Yes, Master.) Everywhere, every time there’s news, mostly all bad news like that. (Yes.) All these people’s crimes, raping or killing children or women, or even older women are killed, robbery everywhere. (Yes, Master.) All these are also bad news but just not as big. (Yes, Master.) But every day, everywhere. My God. […] Oh, terrible. I don’t know how humans can continue to live like this. It has to change. It has to become better. Oh, dear. What difficulty. […]

I don’t even enjoy reading news. It’s mostly bad news. (Yes.) It’s to prove some point or to alert people in the world. (Yes, Master.) At least the children, maybe they listen, because they are innocent. Maybe. I save whomever I can. (Yes, Master.)

First, physically, so that they can continue to maybe develop, and maybe by chance they will find some Master or listen to Supreme Master Television. Maybe become enlightened, who knows. (Yes, Master.) But physically, they have to be alive first. (Yes.) So that’s important. It’s not that it is so materialistic and not important. It is important! If you didn’t have your body, you couldn’t have found me. Right? You, yourselves. (Yes. True. Right, Master.) Or some of your brothers couldn’t have found you and told you this news, that there is an initiation, that you could be enlightened, you could be liberated in one lifetime. (Yes, Master.) […]

Host: Most Benevolent Master, our deep appreciation for always showing empathy and sincere understanding for humankind – especially our weaknesses, while encouraging our innate strengths to overcome them. We pray that Your heartfelt and unconditional message for the world to U-turn now and leave behind suffering and violence through the compassionate vegan lifestyle be heard and put into action as soon as possible. Only then may we really know the status of being the crown of creation – by wearing the crown of loving kindness. May Beloved Master be forever safe and in excellent health, in the constant protection of all Magnificent Godses.

To learn what else Supreme Master Ching Hai has shared on the current state of the world and to find out more about Her devoted Helper Good Love, as well as the identity of the three Ascended Masters who are always around Her, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date for the full broadcast of this conference.

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