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Bearing Witness to an Owner Turning His Non-vegetarian Restaurant into a Vegan One and Being Blessed with Boundless Grace and Merits

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Beloved Master and dear Supreme Master TV team, I saw some visions during my meditation one day. There’s a chef, who was running a non-vegetarian restaurant, but immediately repented and turned it into a vegan restaurant after watching: “Supreme Master Ching Hai’s URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Livestock Factory Owners, also Fishing, Egg, Milk, Fur, Lab Test, Cosmetics and Leather Industries” on Supreme Master TV.

I also saw that Master’s transcendental body gave him a tray of fruits along with a plate of vegan delicacies. Fruits symbolize a certain level of spiritual achievement and delicacies mean the blessed reward of worldly food from Master. He bravely U-turned right away, so Master gave him boundless Grace and meritorious reward. The chef is so blessed now.

In addition, many people, after watching Supreme Master TV, are adopting a vegan diet and quitting eating meat. There’s already a 50% increase of power capacity on Earth. The originally dark Earth is now showing some gleams of light.

I beg humans to give up eating meat to save the Earth, themselves, and their future generations.

I also saw that a long, long road is now gradually becoming bright and beautiful, with many fellow initiates wearing Dharma Protector’s clothes, walking in the streets, into the crowds, and getting on high-class buses, working hard for a vegan world.

I pray that under the guidance of our Great Master, there’ll be no more bloodshed and slaughtering, but only Heavenly Light, beauty, and happiness. Wishing that “World Vegan, World Peace” arrives soon! Hsiu-Ling from Taiwan (Formosa)

Heralding Hsiu-Ling, Our applause for the chef who has embraced veganism, and thank you for telling this wonderful story. Not only has he changed his own life for the better, but also, he is now helping others to eat compassionately by converting his restaurant to a vegan one. Bravo to our Beloved Master for creating Supreme Master Television! May the Divine bring you and fantastic Taiwan (Formosa) much fortune and comfort. In Universal Wisdom, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some supportive words: “Precious Hsiu-Ling, the road will always be full of Light for those who adopt the vegan diet. A big hug from me. May Heavens embrace you and the valiant Taiwanese (Formosan) people, bestowing abundance and well-being.” 

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