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Cooking with Vegan Chef Cary Brown, Part 1 of 2 - Roast Vegan Chicken Roll & Vegan Pâté with Nuts

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Today we are honored to have Vegan Chef Cary Brown on our show. Vegan Chef Brown has been a guest presenter on our show on many occasions.

“Well, the meals that we’re going to prepare today will actually be adjustable from just a family size to a full size, up to 50 people with the same food.

To begin with, we start with a vegan chicken roll. A vegan chicken roll is wheat meat and flavoring. Now, we’re going to cut this into a trough in the center of it. We’re going to make a nut pâté out of it. This is a terrific topping for vegetables and crackers, and makes a great sandwich. So, this is the hollow area that we’re going to fill up with fruit and flavorings to make our meal. The stuffing in here is really a sauce. We’re going to start out with two cups of crushed pineapple, half a cup of olive oil, a good-sized cup of brown sugar. And this is mustard powder. We’re going to mix it all together. Now all of this is going to be stuffed into the cavity of the vegan meat that we just cut.

The next big trick here is to cover it with aluminum foil. Now, we’re also going to put in some Worcestershire sauce. Vegan Worcestershire sauce, just a little dabbles would be great. Sealing it up. We’re going to cook this first at 180°C (350°F) for about two hours and then another four hours at 120°C (250°F). Then let it cool in your refrigerator overnight.

Here, we’ve got the roasted vegan roll. I’m going to use my fingers here and just sprinkle some chestnuts. These are pre-cooked chestnuts and a few pieces of fruit, all the apple, put a little pear, some more apple, and some more pieces of chestnuts. The secret of this whole thing is this wonderful cherry sauce. It’s fun. And look how beautiful, how gorgeous this is.”

“Now we’re going to make a vegan pâté. We’re cutting these pieces up into little pieces. We’re dropping them into our food processor. OK, now into this, we’re going to add some vegan mayonnaise. And we’re going to put some nuts in. This happens to be some macadamia nuts, walnuts and cashew nuts. And we’ve made this lovely vegan pâté.”
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