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Catherine Kelaher (vegan) - The Heroic Rescuer of Hen-People, Part 1 of 2

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Catherine Kelaher is an author, vegan activist, and a heroine in the hearts and eyes of countless souls from the animal-people kingdom; particularly the hen-persons. Catherine was born and raised in England, and in 2006 after settling in Sydney, Australia, she steadfastly continues to save animal-persons’ lives and protect nature by running the New South Wales Hen Rescue (NSW Hen Rescue).

“I started the rescue in 2010, and the aim is to get these darling little chickens out of battery cages and into loving homes.” “I became vegan because deep in my soul, I knew that I didn't want to hurt animals. And I think I knew from a child, but even before I knew what vegan was.” “It took me a little bit longer to work out about being vegan as I grew up. But that’s what it all came down to, just being kind to animals.” “I started going to animal liberation meetings when I was becoming vegan, and I would learn all about local issues and how to get involved. And I just felt that if I could do anything at all, even the tiniest action, it's worth it, because if we all did that, it would become a huge action.”

At age 8, Catherine took a stand for animal-people and continues to do so today through the New South Wales Hen Rescue organization she runs. She has taken her advocacy work to the mainstream via the YouTube channel, NSWHenRescue. This platform enables her to share inspiring rescue stories, and educate the public on the plight of hen-people, and on certain industrial practices such as “free-range” eggs.

Having studied English literature, it was a natural progression for Catherine to use her talents to write a couple of books comprising animal-person activism topics. She presents one of her works, “Amanda The Teen Activist (Feathers & Freedom).” “‘Amanda The Teen Activist’ is also a special book to me. I wrote it for my sister.”
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