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Dayzee (Jason) Oliver (vegan): Singing for Animal-people Liberation

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“Humans and animals We all feel pain. We’re different yes but sentient nonetheless. So morally aren't we the same? So how can we justify Taking somebody’s life, Just because we're smarter, Just because we're stronger, Just because we like the taste, Just because we have the power? How can might ever make things right When there’s no need? We're just addicted to the pleasure And the greed. Cos they're just like us In all the ways that matter.”

Currently living in California, USA, vegan singer-songwriter Dayzee Oliver was born as Jason Oliver. For many years, between his different “daytime” jobs as a mechanic, ballroom dance instructor, and dog-people walker, Dayzee has been devoting his time, energy, and talent to encourage ending the suffering of animal-people. Along with his many activism activities such as going to protests, passing out plant-based food, and volunteering at farm sanctuaries, Dayzee has written and performed songs concerning the cause he is so passionate about.

On his website, Dayzee declares himself as a “Total Liberationist.” “That comes from just reading about the effects of capitalism, how capitalism, it’s a system where we’re prioritizing profit. And I think when we have a system like that, where we’re focused on profit above human rights, above the effects of pollution, when we’re thinking about that over the concerns of sentient beings then it’s leading to this horrific situation where we’re just polluting our world, causing global climate change.

So we want to create a more compassionate system. And I think that’s ultimately what total liberation is about too. It’s about including also the animals, not just human liberation, but also liberation for animals not being commodified and objectified and submitted to this horrific cruelty as well.”

“And then let’s see, ‘Speak Out,’ that’s more of a protest song. That one was inspired from just doing protests. The animals don’t want us to be quiet. You know, the animals want us to speak out, the animals want us to stop this horrible suffering.”
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