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"Food Is Climate": Interview with Glen Merzer (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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We now continue our interview with Glen Merzer, as he elaborates on the science and the historical evidence concerning animal-people livestock raising, the leading cause of climate change. “This is the cover of “Food is Climate.” We know that all that area, including this Sahara, used to be forest. Did it turn into a desert a million years ago? No, it turned into a desert in the last 10,000 years. This was done by animal agriculture. And we have to stop it before we do it to the rest of the Earth.”

“Now think of the current pandemic that we’re going through. There are two theories about why we have this COVID-19 pandemic. Either way, if we had left the bats alone, we wouldn’t be suffering this problem, and this is a huge problem. How many millions of people are going to die because of this pandemic? How many people are going to lose their jobs, or already have lost their jobs, because of the pandemic? So, we need to leave the Earth alone; the biodiversity will come back, the water cycle will be restored, the air will be restored, and our climate emergency will end if we just do the simple thing of realizing that we shouldn’t be eating animals in the first place. It’s not how we’re designed. It’ll be good for the planet and the Earth will heal itself. That is the only solution to the climate crisis.”

Dr. Sailesh Rao, director of Climate Healers, a vegan and a Shining World Award for Earth Protection Laureate, has stated that if we don’t mitigate the climate crisis by 2026, then we will reach a tipping point where we cannot do much more in the way of preventative measures. “Dr. Rao has put a target date of 2026 of turning the world vegan. And that’s a difficult task, but we have to try. And then the politicians will follow.”

“And we need animal agriculture to fold in order for the Earth to heal itself. And so, I say to all your listeners: Please, if you’re not vegan already, go vegan. There are many reasons to go vegan: for your health, for the environment, for the animals. But now there’s one reason above all: in order to breathe.”
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