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The Fantastic Flying Draco Lizard-People

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Now, let me share with you a few more secrets of our Draco kingdom. With a tail slightly longer than our flat body, we are about the size of a common gecko-person - just small enough to fit in the palm of a human hand. We have a set of six elongated ribs, equipped with loose folds of skin on each side which are like wings when unfurled. That, gracious viewer, is our “patagium.” It is our people’s special gift from Mother Nature - the secret design which empowers us to soar, and glide majestically through the tree-lined skies.

Besides granting us our special power of gliding and camouflage, we Draco lizard-people’s patagium also serves a third role as an important badge of our individuality. Every Draco-person takes pride in the unique, opalescent pattern of scales on his or her patagium. No two are alike, just like human fingerprints!

We Draco lizard-people have a societal structure whereby males only inhabit one or two trees, which we defend with valiant honor, but females can freely travel around. We men have a flap in our throat region called a “dewlap” which serves as an effective communication device. Shining with a rich, vibrant yellow, it is highly visible and can be flashed in fast and slow sequences, much like Morse code signals.

Zooming out to the bigger picture of this beautiful planet which we all cherish so much, the Draco kingdom people offer quite a contribution: foremost, perhaps, as a catalyst to the imagination of our human co-inhabitants as the “little dragons” at the forefront of so many legendary tales! Moreover, Nature’s ingenious blueprint for our graceful, wing-like patagia may have inspired scientists and engineers to develop the first gliding devices, perhaps even as far back as the time of Leonardo da Vinci! On a more practical level, we Draco-people also carry out the important, God-given task of maintaining the equilibrium of the world’s precious forests and ecosystems.
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