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Kate Foster (vegan) - Children’s Book Author

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For generations, children and adults have enjoyed nursery rhymes. The catchy melodies and lyrics are passed down from generation to generation throughout the world, a way to preserve cultural values and traditions. It is said that nursery rhymes have an important role in the development of early childhood.

In the era of veganism, Kate Foster, a vegan, and author of the book “Vegan Nursery Rhymes” thoughtfully adapted traditional nursery rhymes as a means to teach adults and children vegan values. What was it that prompted Kate to write the book, “Vegan Nursery Rhymes”? “‘Vegan Nursery Rhymes’ really happened after my son was born. And then when he was a baby, I would read him all sorts of books, including nursery rhyme books. And then noticed that a lot of the nursery rhymes didn't have a vegan message. They weren't vegan friendly.”

Kate tells us her side of the vegan story. “I became vegan 10 years ago when I met my husband and he's been vegan most of his life. And when I met him, he sort of introduced me to things and made me think about things I'd never really thought about before. For instance, the dairy industry and the ag (animal agriculture) industry, I didn't realize all the cruelties that were involved in those industries.

The book, “Vegan Nursery Rhymes” includes 50 poems and songs which are written and illustrated by Kate. Some of them are funny, others heart-breaking, and all of them will make you think. “Really my wish is to encourage people to be kind to all creatures and to extend their compassion to all creatures and everybody on Earth. You know, rather than just pets, all the animals that they think are cute. And just to sort of realize that all animals matter and that all lives are important.”

With “Vegan Nursery Rhymes,” the tender-hearted Kate has reminded us that children are the future. Therefore, it is very important to instill moral values in them. Also, animals, children, and grownups all have the right to live a kinder and more considerate life together.

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