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“The Noble Wilds”: Exploring Supreme Master Ching Hai’s (vegan) International Best Seller, Part 1 of 5

BAHASA:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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“The Noble Wilds” is a luminous book that takes us to a dreamy Garden of Eden in the serene, secluded Amoura village in France. It is at the heart of this Village of Love that “the lady” resides and is visited by cherished beings of the wild. The gentle, benevolent “lady” is none other than Supreme Master Ching Hai! With the consent of these noble wilds, Supreme Master Ching Hai personally compiled this book, documenting their daily lives beside Amoura Lake. Through Her rhythmic, meditative words and resplendent photography, this precious gem opens the door to a world of unique beauty. Here, the reader can witness firsthand the noble spirit and dedication of our co-inhabitants whose homes are under the open sky. With every anecdote and photograph, Master’s deep love for all beings is readily apparent. 
Published in 2008, “The Noble Wilds” became a #1 international best-selling book. A documentary of the same name was also released, featuring precious videography of this beautiful time in Master’s life. Seeing the joy and delight that Master gets from caring for the animals reminds us that human beings are meant to be protectors of our planet and all that live upon it. Master unconditionally gives Her love and provides us with a superlative example of how to take care of God’s beings and the world that God has given to all of us. “They are a tremendous help to the world. They just help by their presence, because they are bringing divine power, pure power, undiluted, unpolluted power into this world. Even the fish in the river or the wild ducks, they bring blessings to your house, to your life, and they bring some inspiration invisibly to your knowing. But their presence will evoke in you something more than just a mundane occupation about food and clothes, and you will just get inspiration about something or an answer to some question which you did not know before.” 
“When Master communicated with the animals, She was kind of in another world. You could feel that Her focus had moved away from this physical, coarse world into another realm. And She let me have a glimpse of this other, very different world: shining, fine, fragile, with a deep, inbound happiness, an inner joy, and humility, out of which comes the thankfulness and the joy for being alive.”
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