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Nature’s Healing Power: Forest Therapy with Clemens Arvay (veg advocate), Part 4 of 4

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Clemens Arvay’s most recent books address the current COVID-19 pandemic. “We Can Do Better” is about the environmental and social problems that led to the COVID-19 crisis. “COVID-19 Vaccines: Hope or Risk?” is a science-based book on the problems and open questions about vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. Both became bestsellers immediately after publication.

In “Biophilia in the City,” Clemens mentions how to bring the healing forces of nature into our cities. “Respect for the trees and for the animals that live in the forest and in nature; that we go there with the feeling that we should also learn something from nature and walk through nature with dignity, and that we are aware that we are not the only species on this planet; that there are many species that we have endangered through our lifestyle, that we have taken away their habitat. And it is not only about our health; it is also about the health, and life, and rights, of other species.”

Clemens shares with us his experience of creating music in the forest, surrounded by the animals. “Forest music combines the effects of the forest, the relaxing effect and the creativity-enhancing effect of the forest, with music. Also, we are more creative in the forest. It is a wonderful experience when the frogs or the birds join in, and to make music in a group, or sometimes even alone in the forest, is a very moving experience.”

Clemens tells us what is, for him, the most important message of the forest. “For me, the most important message of the forest is really that we appreciate diversity, that we recognize that we are part of this precious diversity. Biodiversity, ecology only works through diversity, not through making everything the same. Like this, everyone can be their authentic selves and appreciate their otherness, their individuality – for me, this is a very important message of the forest. In this context, the message of nature is also that you are OK the way you are.”

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