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“Animalkind”: Remarkable Discoveries with Ingrid Newkirk (vegan), Part 2 of 3

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“When we were children, many of us read stories and we watched cartoons of animals who had mythological, wondrous superpowers. And what “Animalkind” does is it sets out to show us that real animals, not mythological ones, do have superpowers. We don’t have to go into space to look for intelligent forms of life. They’re all around us, right here on Earth. More is the pity that we ignore their feelings, their intelligence, and we make them into shoes, or snacks.”

Continuing our interview, Ingrid Newkirk speaks about how much research has been put into “Animalkind” and what has been achieved for the animals. “They fascinate me. So you learn these things through research, but the talents of animals, I was always collecting their amazing journeys; that they have 300 million sense receptors in their noses to our maybe six to eight million, that they can find their way home in mysterious ways, across a country, across a continent, across an ocean. They can sense things that we will have never been able to sense. How wonderful! What examples they are for us!”

In 2019, a new whole-body model frog, called SynFrog, was simulated by PETA and SynDaver. Already used in American high schools and middle schools as an educational tool, SynFrog has abolished the need to traumatically dissect real animals. PETA is always doing amazing things, leading the world in animal protection.

Ingrid Newkirk now shares some of the stories that have touched and inspired her. “Well, there are so many. And I hear emails, we get mail, people are always telling us, ‘I picked up one of your magazines, the “PETA Global Animal Times,” and it changed my whole life.’ That is what keeps me going, that’s what I think influences other people.”

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Episod  2 / 3
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