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Music as the Food of Love: Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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“All living beings carry God's light His spark in all creation shines bright, A sacred soul in all things living, The Divine Love is always giving But we take Life, we waste and use it. The Divine spark, we just abuse it. The sacred lives, once free and able, Turned into corpses for our table Physically, spiritually, logic'lly it don't make sense What part of 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' don't you understand…” This powerful song calls for human beings to take a hard look at the animal flesh that they consume as food, and think about whether it makes sense physically and spiritually.

In an interview with Supreme Master Television team members, Dr. Tavakkoli elaborated further. “‘Sixth Commandment’ came at a time when I was giving talks, and on that particular day I was preparing for a talk the next day. By that time, I'd given lots of talks and I'd reached a point where I was thinking, you know, really, what does it take to convince people that moving to a plant-based lifestyle or a vegan lifestyle is the right move? And so, this was really troubling me for the whole day. And as I settled down for my meditation that night, it was still on my mind. And that's when this music and these lyrics started coming through. And it was a very powerful energy, it was actually quite uncomfortable. And this continued for most of the night. And that night was the night when ‘Sixth Commandment’ was born.”

“‘Earth Song’ is about Mother Earth speaking to her children. And what Mother Earth is saying to us is that we are her children. But it's not just us that's her children; the animals are also her children. And when we hurt the animals, we're hurting her children and we're hurting her.” “Children of the Earth Hear your Mother’s plea. She is weeping so … She asks you to refrain, to show mercy, Do you see or no? See the animals as your brethren as I see all of you as my children…”

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