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Biscotti with Vegan Spread, Sweet & Sour Cucumber, Deep-fried Seaweed with White Rice and Sesame, Part 2 of 2

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We learned how to make Biscotti with Vegan Spread, and Sweet & Sour Cucumber last Sunday in Part one of this show. Now let’s watch how to fry the seaweed. “Put it on a little low first and in case it burns, you can get used to the temperature, and then you put more and more. Check the oil now. It’s hot enough; I’m going to fry it now. All we do is just get hold of one piece and fry it. You just count to four. You put one or two pieces in there, in the heated oil and count, one, two, three, four, and you take them out. And put it on the kitchen towel or a plate, so that the oil will be absorbed a little bit. It will look just like this. It curls up a little bit; it’s smaller than the way you have cut it before. It shrunk. Seaweed is very nutritious, according to research. We’re done now. That should be enough. It will be crispy like potato chips. So all we do is prepare a plate of rice, put it on top and sesame and then we can eat it already. We can either sprinkle the sesame powder now on top when it’s still hot and oily and wet. Or we can sprinkle it directly on the rice later. It’s just aromatic and also very, very nutritious.”

“I just invite you to taste the banquet. And first, you can taste the appetizer. Pray, thank God before you eat.” “Who says vegan is not exciting. Very, very exciting indeed, and you see all the colors we use from the vegetable kingdom and fruit kingdom are really out of this world. You eat the rice with the deep-fried seaweed. Which is the black thing and sesame there, and the sweet and sour cucumber, it’s fresh.” “Because if you eat something not good your stomach feels a little upset, you eat the biscotti. Or burnt toast. But sometimes, you are on the road; you don’t have a chance to burn the toast. So you just buy some biscotti like that, the toasted bread, dry bread and eat it with anything or alone with some tea or water, and then your stomach feels better.”

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